we are going to get married and you will continue playing “

we are going to get married and you will continue playing

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Joaquín Sánchez he has become the grandfather of LaLiga after the retirement of Aritz Aduriz, footballer who was his partner in Valencia and about whom he had a few words of affection. “A short time has passed, I have not been able to assimilate it. Aduriz is an extraordinary guy, we have a very good relationship. The pity is that you have to go like this, due to an injury “, affirmed the Betis captain to Deportes Cuatro.

The jokes, which he really likes so much, are happening now. Even from his family. “Yes, they have played various jokes on me. At home and on my cell phone, many have also reached me. The girls say to me: Dad, I’m going to get married and you’re still going to be playing soccer. There is still a body to endure, “he said with a laugh.

Rubi, his coach, revealed that the Portuense player had to stop the initial rhythm to avoid running the risk of falling injured. Now is better. Little by little, he gets used to the hardness of the training after the long break: “It seems that now the topic is relaxing a little, but it has been a very strong first week or ten days”, concludes the footballer from Porto.

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