“We are still concerned that the Madrid system cannot assume a regrowth”


After complying with the technical requirements required by the Ministry of Health, the community of Madrid He has passed to phase 1 of the “de-escalation”. However, and despite this progress for Madrid residents, the Madrid College of Physicians It continues to express its concern about the possibility of an increase in the number of infections of the virus as of Monday, May 25, the date on which this new stage of lack of confidence begins.

“The Primary Care professionals continue in the same precarious situation as they did a week ago -We ask Madrid residents not to relax their behavior and hygiene habits to avoid becoming infected or becoming transmitters of the virus,” they warn.


The president of the Madrid College of Physicians, Dr. Miguel Ángel Sánchez Chillón, considers that this new scenario is beneficial for the population from the financial, economic, social and labor point of view, but maintains its reservations about possible outbreaks of the virus due to a relaxation in behavior and hygiene habits.

“New action protocols are coming to health centers, in addition, teams of trackers are being trained, but we doubt the resolution capacity that we can have in the new phase before the imminent return to consultations of patients with chronic pathologies or in monitoring of acute diseases not related to the coronavirus ”. admits.

“Furthermore, we are particularly concerned that medical professionals have to face this situation with a large part of the staff dedicated exclusively to addressing the epidemic; and that therefore the Madrid health system cannot assume a new outbreak, “adds Sánchez Chillón.

The president of the Madrid collegiate institution stresses that the health system is not prepared to take on a new health crisis such as the one we have experienced and emphasizes that “not enough time has passed for the recovery of medical personnel”.

Sánchez recalls that there are still many professionals on sick leave: “We consider it essential that the population take precautions in this new phase, for which we ask Madrid residents to maintain caution in measures such as hand washing, the mandatory use of masks, the physical distance required, among others, to avoid new upturns. We trust the good judgment and civility of the people of Madrid so that they do not jeopardize what we have achieved among all with so much effort ”, he clarifies.


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