what are the risks involved in speaking?

what are the risks involved in speaking?

The inter-federal spokesperson Coronavirus wanted to clarify this morning the risks of contamination incurred in certain everyday situations, situations that are expected to multiply with deconfinement.

“The risk will depend mainly but not only on the duration of your contacts and proximity, the intensity of your contacts. Let us take examples. Meet someone at 1.50m, stay next to someone at 1.50m from distance, crossing it for a few seconds poses no risk. The transmission of the virus by simple breathing, if we do not talk, if we do not sneeze, is zero or practically virtual. It will of course be further reduced if people wear masks. This risk will be even lower when you are outside compared to inside since, thanks to natural ventilation, the rare viral particles will be dispersed and will not be potentially contaminating “, explains Yves Van Laethem.

The infectiologist distinguishes: “having a conversation with someone without a mask within 1.5 meters can already present a certain risk, which will be all the more increased as you speak loudly, as you possibly sing yourself, as possibly you have at this moment – there is a coughing fit, which are more significant transmission factors. The more prolonged, the closer contact will be at more significant risk of transmission, of course if one of the two individuals is carrying the virus, which is not the case for the whole population. “

To sum up, suggests Yves Van Laethem: “It takes a long enough contact with someone who emits few viral particles to risk contamination. This contact, if it is shorter, can be contaminating if someone emits a lot of viral particles. It must be emphasized that this is already the case in people who are at the very beginning of the pathology, even during the 24 to 48 hours, before the people show clinical symptoms. Of course, avoid bringing your hands to the level of the nasal mucosa or the eyes, since you could have touched a contaminated surface with your hands and thus contaminate yourself “.

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