When Stars Speak To Government About Coronavirus

When Stars Speak To Government About Coronavirus

In a forum addressed to Emmanuel Macron, many artists joined forces to save the cultural and artistic sector.

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During this strange period of suspense for many sectors, that of art and culture is particularly affected. In this sense, French artists wanted to support this area which is so dear to their hearts.

A foolproof method to have a greater impact on decisions made by the government: regrouping. In a column published by “The world“On April 30, 2020, many personalities from the entertainment and art world joined together to write a specific message to the president Emmanuel Macron. It’s a cry for help Jean Dujardin, Marion Cotillard, Omar Sy or Clara Luciani and more than 230 other personalities are launching.

Endangered culture

While the arts sector supports more than 1.3 million people, the signatories of the petition, “Culture in danger”, are surprised by the silence of Franck Riester, Minister of Culture. Deploring the disastrous conditions in which intermittent workers find themselves, they call for a reaction from the government. “We ask you to measure the responsibility that is yours here,” they conclude firmly.

Very affected by the postponement of his “Pyramid Tour” which he had prepared for almost a year, Matt Pokora did not give up and took advantage of his notoriety to support the “shadow workers”. He also shared the rostrum in Instagram story to denounce the lack of measures implemented for his colleagues.

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“I hear them”

Three days later, on May 2, 2020, the celebrities got a response from Emmanuel Macron on Twitter. “To the artists who expressed themselves, I mean that I hear them,” wrote Emmanuel Macron. “On Wednesday I will announce the first decisions in this direction,” he promised.

A response that satisfied Matt Pokora since he thanked him on his Instagram account. However, not everyone is convinced by this answer, Marina Foïs the first one. In an interview with Konbini, the actress highlighted the negligence of the artists. “What are we going to leave to future generations?” A life without culture, therefore without thought, without a share of dreams and all that? ”She rebelled. “Thank you Emmanuel Macron for this answer but … Non-artistic short contracts are, for example, catering extras, women or housekeepers in cinemas … it is with them that we also think,” he said. she recalled in an Instagram story. A response approved by Leïla Bekhti since she did not hesitate to share this intervention.

“We are determined”

Asked at the microphoneEurope 1, the Minister of Culture insisted on defending himself. “Our desire is to put the artists in front of their audience, to redo so that this cultural profusion can start again,” assured Franck Riester.



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