Where and at what price, the list of supermarket brands that sell masks

Where and at what price, the list of supermarket brands that sell masks

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Where and at what price, the list of supermarket brands that sell masks

As of Monday, May 4, the first masks will be sold by mass retail chains to the general public. Here is where, how and at what price you can get it.

One week. This is the deadline that supermarkets have to equip the greatest number of French people with protective masks (surgical or fabric) before the start of deconfinement, planned – if all the lights are green – on May 11. In a press release relayed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Federation of Commerce and Distribution, the large retailers have agreed to sell the masks with a minimum margin. “The basic price of a mask for the general public will be around 2 to 3 euros, or a cost of use of 10 to 30 cents depending on the number of washes and re-uses possible,” it said. For single-use masks such as surgical models, their price will be less than one euro.

Since Monday, May 4, the first stocks of masks have been sold by supermarkets, which however do not apply the same distribution methods from one sign to another. Here is where, how and at what price you can get masks.

By reservation at Intermarché and Netto

On their respective websites, the two brands of the Les Mousquetaires group inform customers that the sale of the batch of 50 single-use surgical mask masks, at a cost price of 29.54 euros, can only be made by booking online. Customers will then receive a booking voucher by email, which must be presented at the store reception, on the date indicated on the voucher. Please note, the reservation is limited to one lot.

Only at the cash desk or at the reception desk, in batches of 5 or 10

At Carrefour, the masks will be sold in batches of 5 or 10 directly at the box office at cost price, or 58 cents per surgical mask. And for those in fabric, according to the Parisian, the first prices will be “less than a euro”. On its site, the group claims to have secured orders for 225 million masks for the population, including 175 million disposable masks and 50 million washable masks.

Same distribution methods in the shops of the Systèmes U group. According to information from BFM / RMC, “a single batch of 10 masks will be sold per person and passage” for around six euros, at the cash desk or at the supermarket reception.

At Leclerc, the masks will be sold either in sets of 10 or individually and distributed at the store reception. They will cost between 50 and 60 cents per unit. In total, the group has ordered 170 million masks that will arrive by the end of May.

Packs of 50 masks at Lidl and the Casino group brands

The French will also be able to buy lots of 50 masks directly in stores at Lidl and the Casino group supermarkets. This Monday, Lidl assures on its Twitter page that 5 million single-use masks are available in its 1,550 supermarkets. The box of 50 masks is sold at a price of 30 euros, a few cents more than its competitors Intermarché and Netto which only offer online booking of masks.

In the Casino hypermarkets, the box of 50 masks will be sold, as at Intermarché and Netto, for 29.54 euros in cash, “at the rate of one purchase per week and per person,” reports Le Parisien.

At Franprix, a million masks are on sale this Monday, May 4 in sets of 10, 20, 24 and 50, also distributed at the box. You have to pay 29.90 euros for the box of 50 surgical masks, 15.90 euros for that of 25, 12.90 euros for that of 20, and 6.90 euros for that of 10 masks. Cloth masks will also be on sale in this store by May 11 and will be sold for € 2.20. From May 11, Franprix will market Armor-Lux masks, made in France, at 3.90 euros.

At Monoprix, surgical masks will be sold in lots from 50 to 29.90 euros or from 10 to 6.90 euros. Those in fabric, washable 10 times and sold in packs of two, will cost 4.40 euros. The customer will find them at the cash desk, in a drugstore or at the store reception. Purchases will be limited to one box of disposable masks, or two batches of cloth masks, per checkout.

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