why France 2 will offer reruns after Friday, May 1

why France 2 will offer reruns after Friday, May 1

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Candice Renoir: why France 2 will offer reruns after Friday, May 1

France 2 offers this Friday, May 1 a new new episode of season 8 of Candice Renoir. Then she will offer reruns. Télé-Loisirs explains why.

Since Friday April 16 at 9 p.m., France 2 offers the episodes of season 8 very well done. Now, while like her had explained it exclusively to Télé-Loisirs Cecile Wood, it would have ten episodes, the public channel offers this Friday May 1 the fourth episode but also the last unpublished before a moment of the salvo. Then it will only offer reruns. The containment initiated by the French government on March 17 indeed forced him to modify his plans.

The shooting of season 8 is well finished

Started mid-May 2019, the filming of this new season of Candice Renoir ended at the end of January 2020. And should not have been interrupted because of the health situation, unlike other productions and in particular the daily soap operas such as Tomorrow belongs to us (TF1), Such a big sun (France 2) or More beautiful life (France 3) which is broadcasting this May 1 his ultimate new. However, like many French fictions, it was impacted because post-production could not necessarily have been completed.

But France 2 is forced to broadcast its episodes drop by drop

Furthermore, France 2, like all French channels, finds herself having to make choices since some of the fictions she thought she could offer in the coming months are far from ready. So it must offer its new dropper. This is why she first decided to offer two new episodes the first week of broadcast, then only one the following two. From May 8, if it will continue to broadcast Candice Renoir, it will only be reruns until the end of May or even until June. For the moment, she is not able to announce when the last six unreleased season 8 will be offered.

A season 9 planned

If a season 9 of Candice Renoir is well planned, its shooting should have started on May 15. Even if France will then have started its deconfinement, it will not resume on the date indicated. First because the productions do not know when they will be able to resume as a whole, having to put in place new measures to ensure the safety of all their teams on a set and meet the standards that will be in force. Furthermore, Cécile Bois, who herself suffered from covid-19 and has even suffered several secondary infections, had not finished filming Gloria, a mini-series for TF1, at the start of confinement and will have to resume this role before considering putting on the clothes of the famous investigator again.