without soccer until December, empty stadiums for a year and public distanced and with masks in the future

without soccer until December, empty stadiums for a year and public distanced and with masks in the future

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Argentine football could only return in December

The date for the resumption of sports competitions in Argentina is a big question mark. The tournaments of the various disciplines have been stopped since the beginning of the quarantine by the coronavirus pandemic and there are still no details as to when they could be resumed. Soccer is the most popular activity and the one that presses the most to returnBut there are many factors that must be evaluated before endorsing the return of a massive activity.

“December seems to me a month of security”said the infectious medicine doctor Eduardo López when asked about when would be the recommended time to resume soccer tournaments in the country. The professional, adviser to the national government in the fight against the coronavirus, explained that the activity could be resumed, even after September, as long as the “temperatures are around 27 degrees” so that the coronavirus “does not have transmission capacity.”

López revealed that he recently spoke to Sergio Marchi, head of Argentine Soccer Players Guild, to explain why “Today it is not feasible for there to be football and neither for training sessions.” In this sense, he warned that common areas such as locker rooms and dining rooms are shared during practices. “If it is the virus does not have a clear fall, you cannot start planning anything”, stressed the doctor in an interview with the Télam agency.

These claims would suspend the intentions of the AFA to play a lightning tournament at the end of the year and to define promotions on the field of play, after having finished the contests of the 2019-2020 season as a result of the pandemic.

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Dr. Eduardo López – second from the right – is part of the Committee of Experts that advises the national government in the fight against the coronavirus (Casa Rosada)

As a member of the Committee of Experts called by the President Alberto Fernández, one of López’s tasks is to analyze the convenience of the return of the massive shows, among which is soccer. The doctor explained that, in addition, the “Five key points that produce important groups of people” in team sports such as soccer, rugby, field hockey or basketball.

“The first is the locker room, where 20 to 30 people gather and, as Marchi told me, in many Argentine soccer fields they are small spaces in which social distancing could not be respected. The second is the bathrooms, with the same concept as the previous one. Third are the places to give technical talks, which are usually closed and concentrate 15 or 20 people very close together; fourth we have the dining rooms and finally the micros for the movement of the delegations, “he listed.

For López, in soccer, “the game itself does not represent a moment of risk for contagion because the physical contact between the players occurs for a short time. The situation in rugby is different, where there are physical formations and the distance is lost during the match. ”

The return of football will, in principle, be without an audience in the stadiums. “It will depend on the rate of contagion decreasing and that the virus loses transmission capacity from September or October. If the coronavirus continues until December, let’s forget about the public on the courts“, Raised the infectologist.

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In principle, football would return without an audience

Asked about the statements of Irene Lozano, president of the Higher Sports Council of Spain, who maintained that “until there is a vaccine against Covid-19 there will be no games with the public” in La Liga, López predicted that, if so, “there will be no public until April or May next year.”

“The vaccine may appear earlier, but later the production capacity for a large mass of population will have to be analyzed,” he added.

Finally, the doctor anticipated some behaviors that will change when the fans can return to the stands: “It is possible, for example, that they try to respect a greater social distancing in the stadiums, which would force to place seats in all sectors and limit spaces. Too the public to wear chinstrapsespecially in winter, as it happens in Europe, Japan or China, where it is almost a routine ”.


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