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You unexpectedly ran out of quarantined reading? Your favorite bookshop is still closed and Amazon has enough money anyway? Don’t worry, these bookshelves in Graz will help you out!

After the third Stephen King thriller and probably the thousandth reading of all Harry Potter volumes, there is again a need for new reading material. But where can you get it when your favorite bookshop is closed? Or if the account has seen better times again? It’s good that Graz is literally littered with open bookshelves!

You must have noticed book shelves that are at random corners, house entrances and cafes when shopping or walking. They suddenly appear, nobody knows who is putting up these shelves. We only know that these bookshelves are a very cool initiative to give books a second chance after they have been read out and do not want to dust them up senselessly at home. This not only saves resources, but also makes others happy. So win-win.

There are absolutely no limits to creativity with these shelves: Telephone boxes that are no longer used are converted into a cool way to get new books with every new book. Occasionally you can also see smaller boxes standing under stairs and the contents of which are waiting for new owners. In most cases, the shelves are covered, if only temporarily. The main thing is that the books don’t get wet.

Here’s a second chance for your books:

You have cleaned out your bookshelf properly and want to make others happy? In Graz there are dozens of bookshelves to which you can bring your unused books. On this interactive map you can see the exact locations of the previously known bookshelves:

I have often expanded my own bookshelf in this way, because between a lot of trash there is also a lot of treasure in these bookshelves. And if you don’t have a book to hand in, but definitely want to take one with you, no one will be angry with you.

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