Zoom Commits to New York Prosecutor to Strengthen Security

Zoom Commits to New York Prosecutor to Strengthen Security

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The online video conference platform Zoom has pledged to the New York State prosecutor to strengthen its security systems, the flaws of which it had investigated.

The agreement ends the investigation announced by prosecutor Letitia James in late March, according to a statement released on Thursday.

The measures announced on Thursday essentially match those already announced by the group in recent weeks.

With the coronavirus pandemic and containment measures, the traffic on this American platform has exploded, largely due to its free nature (for a limited time).

The number of meetings organized daily on Zoom thus increased from 10 million in January to more than 300 million at the end of April.

The group was then criticized for the inadequacies of its security system, which notably allowed dozens of unwanted people to invite themselves to meetings, sometimes in the midst of children in full class at a distance.

It also appeared that Zoom communicated personal user data to Facebook.

He has since made a series of commitments in March and April to remedy these shortcomings.

The platform in San Jose (California) has in particular set up a series of educational tools to explain to users how to prevent an uninvited person from joining a meeting.

It also ended its partnership with Facebook.

In early April, the group announced that it had assigned all of its engineers to strengthen security and the protection of private data on Zoom, for a period of 90 days.

He has made a commitment to the prosecutor to have external audits carried out to assess the progress of his security system, just as he had already done in early April.

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