100% of the testers recommend this eye cream

100% of the testers recommend this eye cream

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Skin care with CBD is still one of the absolute rising stars in the beauty sky and is also finding more and more fans in Germany. However, maybe not everyone dares to take care of the active ingredient from the cannabis plant and would prefer to have others tested first.

No sooner said than done: brands you love – a platform known for its product tests and reports, called for a test of CBD-containing facial care. The question the test should answer primarily: “Can you recommend this product or not?” Find out here how the result turned out.

Call for action – these products have been tested:

Overall tested 180 beauty enthusiasts from the brands you love community first German cosmetics line with CBD: Nordic Cosmetics. Each of the participants chose between three CBD-containing care products his desired product. The choices were:

the face serum with CBD & hyaluronic acid

the eye cream with CBD and hyaluronic acid

the anti-aging face cream with CBD & Retinol

Here you can take a closer look at the products and shop at the exclusive discounted price:

© Provided by BUNTE.de

© Provided by BUNTE.de

This is how the test went:

Then the started hot test phase: The products were tested in detail by the beauty fans and integrated into their personal care routine. It was lubricated, documented and photographed. The individual results and experiences were not only recorded, but also shared on Instagram, Facebook & Co. A Closing surveye then gave definitive information as to whether the testers would recommend skin care with CBD or not.

Unique compositions: the products

Facial serum with CBD & hyaluronic acid

This moisturizer supports the skin in its regeneration and makes it glow. The serum is said to have a cooling and fresh effect.

Eye cream with CBD & hyaluronic acid

With this cream, tired, swollen and wrinkled eyelids are a thing of the past. The unique combination of CBD & hyaluronic acid should ensure that your skin aging is delayed.

Anti-aging face cream with CBD & Retinol

One can really speak of anti-aging here: According to a study, this cream reduces the depth of individual wrinkles by a full 31% – this is how we imagine anti-aging care!

You want the products from Nordic Cosmetics look more precisely? Here you can go directly to the shop:

© Provided by BUNTE.de

© Provided by BUNTE.de

100% recommendation: The top result

You can be more than satisfied with this result: 100 (!)% of the interviewed participants recommend the eye cream from Nordic Cosmetics further – absolutely none of the interviewees was unsatisfied with this eye care!

Only a measly 2% less, so each time 98% recommend the facial serum and the anti-aging face cream – after this grandiose performance at the latest, you no longer need to be afraid of CBD cosmetics!

Here you get to the detailed test report www.brandsyoulove.de.

Are you curious? Or have you always wanted to test CBD products? The main care of Nordic Cosmetics is 100% free of THC and animal testing and vegan. Here you will find the entire range of the brand:

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