18-year-old Russian influencer dies in motorcycle accident

18-year-old Russian influencer dies in motorcycle accident

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Anastasia Tropitsel: 18-year-old Russian influencer dies in motorcycle accident

Russian influencer Anastasia Tropitsel died in Bali after a motorcycle accident.

Anastasia Tropitsel was only 18 years old. She was beautiful, famous and in love. But fate cut off his wings. The British tabloid Daily Mail indeed announces on her site the disappearance today, but without specifying the exact date, of this young Russian influencer for whom everything went very quickly.

A life at 100 an hour

It was only at the age of twelve thatAnastasia Tropitsel, Anastasia Zubrina of his real name, launches on social networks. Success is immediately there. Three years later, the teenager is already a millionaire! At the age of 15, the pretty blonde travels around the world, posting photos of his dream life for his followers who number in the thousands. To escape from too much confinement, Anastasia had chosen to fly to a paradise island, Bali, in the company of her darling, Viktor Maydanovich. White sand beaches, sports activities, aperitifs, more cuddly moments … he filmed and photographed the daily life of his lover. And it was also he who announced the sad news on social networks. “My beloved wife is no longer with us. Please send your thoughts to him. Anastasia was traveling at 80-100 km / h on a wide road, where everyone was driving fast. She always drove carefully“, he writes.

She loses control of her motorcycle

And it is indeed as a result of a motorcycle accident thatAnastasia Tropitsel is dead. She loved the bike as evidenced by photos from her Instagram account. On May 30, the young woman was still posing on a big red motorcycle in a setting where one could read “lost in paradise“. Premonitory? Daily Mail specifies that Anastasia would have lost control of her Kawasaki Ninja 250 while she was traveling at around 96 km / hour. Viktor Maydanovich, who had to drive next to her to film her on the day of the accident, says that she started to “oscillate” before “crash into a fence. ” She is said to have died from head injuries.


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