22 good pizzerias that deliver on the premises or deliver at home

22 good pizzerias that deliver on the premises or deliver at home

For a pizza like this I walk two ultramarathons

That yes, that homemade can be very rich, we know. In fact, in El Comidista we know it so much that we have already dedicated I don’t know how many posts to Pizza, and this, of course, will not be the last. But there is something special and delicious about ordering it made in a good restaurant – we will ignore the stiff franchises with which Modern Cruellas de Vil inflict a Dickensian punishment on poor children– and enjoy that pizza, no, that pizzote maximum with which you have been having pig dreams all confinement. Crispy, warm and juicy dough made with love by the hands of people who now deserve your visit. Our small guide of establishments that distribute it – or those that, even better, you can approach on your walk – will take you to the ecstasy of pizza. Some take them home, and all of them have local pick-up, so you have no excuses: you are not going to look for dinner, but you are burning calories with your walk.


Trattoria Increscendo

We get very good references from this establishment in Madrid, both in human terms – they have been selling menus at 50% percent to health workers throughout the pandemic – and in gastronomy, where pizzas as hearty as the potato with bacon, or the rest of their homemade dishes, will finish teasing that tipín that we carry after three months on the sofa. They do pick up service, although they have recently opened their terrace.

Trattoria Increscendo: Calle de Jaime el Conquistador, 31. Madrid. Tel.:910 18 90 06 Map

Grosso Napoletano

When our network manager is asked about his favorite pizzerias comidisters Patricia Tablado, he is very clear: “One of them is the Grosso Napoletano. The times I’ve been there I’ve almost always asked for their pizzas vegetables, which are delicious, or 4K, which is to fall back ’. Patricia also points out that in the three places she has visited they have a wood oven, which is always a good guarantee when we talk about this type of preparation. They give you the option to pick it up at the establishment or take it to your home.

Grosso Napoletano: Calle Santa Engracia, 48; Paseo de la Habana, 27; Fish, 11; Hermosilla, 85; Gaztambide, 36; Valencia, 9; Ventura Rodríguez, 5. Madrid.

Hot now

“It was recommended to me by a friend, an authentic pizzalover I valued them for their effort, and the truth is that I was able to corroborate it, “he comments Narciso Bermejo, founder of the gastronomic content agency Sustrato. For Narciso, all his pizzas share a respectful treatment with the masses and top quality products, although what Hot Now truly contributes is “who knows how to transfer tradition and do it with success, elegance and honesty If you salivate more than Pavlov’s dog seeing the pistachio pesto or truffled mortadella, you can order it at home or pick it up at your establishment.

Hot now: Calle Barbieri, 14. Madrid. Tel .: 910 69 74 42. Map.

Papa piccolo

In this category of chulapas pizzerias, Patricia remembers Papa Piccolo: “He is in the Príncipe Pío area and, although it seems that the place is half hidden, I attest that the pizzas they are delicious”. As an accredited expert in vegetable versions, our community manager He assures that those prepared at Papa Piccolo, made with grilled vegetables, tomato and mozzarella, “are highly recommended.” According to Luigi Piccolo, owner of the premises, they are only made pizzas on request to collect them at the establishment.

Papa piccolo: Calle Moreno Nieto, 19. Madrid. Tel .: 911 25 49 90. Map.


Can Pizza

The pizza restaurant with the most votes in the informal poll of collaborators and friends has been the Barcelona -in the broad sense, because they have stores in various health regions- Can Pizza, the prefet of Jordi Luque and Broscar Broc, whose masses make them lyrical. Luque says that “Lolo is one of the best pizzaiolos of the country ”, to which Broc points out that“ the Can Pizza dough fits perfectly to my wishes: it does not crumble under the weight of the ingredients, but it is not coarse, on the contrary: it is light, honeycomb, with the crunchy perfect and you can take a home delivery with your cap ”. And also in Can Pizza they use high quality ingredients. And if they call Al Capone a Pizza with anduja, capers, red onion and burrata, among other things, as Broc says “one gives oneself body and soul to his records of happiness and life”. They have a take away service, at home and on the terrace (except in the Sagrada Familia premises, which only have tables inside).

Can Pizza: Pass of Simó, 21, Barcelona; Enric Morera, 72, El Prat; Rafael Casanova, 46, Molins de Rei; Main Rambla, 3, Vilanova; Paseo Marítimo, 17, Badalona. Tel .: 934 36 40 43.

The Balmesina

Account the cape di tutti capi Monica Escudero that La Balmesina, which we have already told you about in these pages, was the first unconventional meal he made with his family. “During the afternoon walk we passed by there and Ale hop: absolute happiness when you get home. They have a less extensive menu than usual and they only serve pizzas —neither their fresh pasta nor their delicious starters— but there they continue the delicious Calabria -with tomato, burrata, ‘nduja, olives, red onion and basil- and the incredible Giana (tomato , mozzarella, aubergine, cherry tomatoes, ricotta, parmigiano, basil) ”. Mònica also explains that they have natural wines and continue to make a cannon tiramisu and some canonical truffles. You can pick up there, and they also deliver (themselves and in a not too far radius). ¡P’alante, well!

The Balmesina: Balmes, 193, Barcelona. Tel .: 934 15 62 24. Map.

Pizza d’Autore

“The doom”. This is how Mikel López Iturriaga, Dear Leader of El Comidista, Pizza d’Autore, defines one of the few places in Barcelona where you can eat pizza to the taglio (cut) Roman style. “Don’t let it back that the pizzas are on the counter almost finished and they only finish off the piece you want in the oven at the moment: it is normal in this type of premises in Italy, and does not harm their quality in any way. d’Autore, in the Sant Antoni neighborhood, are a real vice, with the crunchy and tasty dough and the most successful combinations of ingredients. My weakness is zucchini, eggplant and potato cut into thin slices which is to start and not stop. ”

Pizza d’Autore: Tamarit, 142, Barcelona. Tel .: 93 163 03 99. Map.


Not all super pizzerias are located in the metropolis. On the contrary, our Galician on duty confesses that one of his favorites is, why not, in Sabadell. He says Anxo F. Couceiro that the pizzas Neapolitan from Maximmus “are made with long-fermented doughs and a product of the highest quality. They roll the roll a little with the pretentious verbiage – “slow pizzaBlah blah blah – but then you try it and you forget. The menu is varied and quite original, too. ” With these credentials, difficult to resist. You have it easy: they provide delivery service, pick you up from the premises or taste it directly on your terrace.

Maximmus: Carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 15. Sabadell, Barcelona. Tel .: 683 11 88 19 Map.



“For a couple of years, it has been run by a group of young people who have made it the most popular in Bilbao, without a doubt. They do a work of fifteen! ”, He tells us Xabier Sánchez Duro. This gastronomic disseminator, more from Bilbao than San Mamés, points out that the masses are homemade and triple fermented, although what stands out the most is that their owners are always innovating “to get pizzas as good as number 10, with duck confit, mozzarella, caramelized onion, aubergine and goat cheese ”. You can go and pick up this or any of their suggestive creations from their pizzeria from Monday to Friday at night and on Saturdays and Sundays during lunch and dinner.

Piece: Calle Quintana, 5. Bilbao. Tel .: 946 56 50 76. Map.


The next pizza visit that Xabier recommends us to do is in the popular Bilbao area of ​​San Francisco, where he says that “a gastronomic culture of its own, very New York, is developing.” In this environment Demaio is located, “a place with more classic pizzas compared to those of Trozo, but also with very good quality,” says this Basque culinary popularizer. To finish his description, he adds three keys to Demaio: “Artisanal masses, traditional wood oven and show cooking”. Almost foolproof combination. We don’t know what phase we will be in when they open, but they plan to do so in late June.

Demaio: Calle San Francisco, 10. Bilbao. Tel .: 684 15 69 79. Map.


The Cantegril

But Anxo Couceiro did not give us one, but two recommendations. His second bet is El Cantegril, in Ferrol, which he calls “las pizzas from my childhood”. Its owners are Uruguayans, which is like saying a little Italian, and apparently they have been open for thirty years and reinventing themselves for the better. As soon as the travel restrictions are lifted, we plan to go to one of their pizzas or one of their milanesas, but if you are there they collect and deliver.

The Cantegril: Rúa San Francisco, 16. Ferrol, A Coruña. Tel .: 981 35 85 56. Map.


“In Santiago less than a year ago Santoro Pizzeria has opened, and it has made me a happy Italian because I finally have Pizza rich in my city ”, he affirms with overflowing joy Anna Mayer, author of the web Panepanna. The owners, Emilio and Leticia, are Galician, although Emilio is of Italian origin and has the title of pizzaiolo by Associazione Verace pizza Napoletana. According to Anna, in this restaurant they use many products imported from Italy and, as a curiosity, they have the Montanara, Pizza fried, not very common in Spain. And if they were few points in their favor, in addition to local pickup they have home delivery. Follow Anna’s advice and try Santoro’s delicacies, Compostela!

Santoro: Avenida de Ferrol, 15. Santiago de Compostela. Tel .: 881 99 81 58. Map.


The Godfather

Changing third, how can you resist a place that has a Pizza black pudding from Burgos and another from tripe? He is in Gijón, and he has discovered it for us Rubén Galdón, who also points out that “the only time I have ordered at home came with its qualities intact.” The Godfather does not have a terrace – Don Vito was more inland, like the ferns – but they do share with Glovo and have a takeaway service.

The padrino: Calle Sta. Elena, 5. Gijón. Tel .: 985 35 37 62. Map.


To Margellina

From Asturias we went down to Castilla y León to attend the recommendation of David Monaguillo: To Margellina, in Salamanca. “Looks are deceiving. Small place with just a few tables, but where you can meet again with authentic Italian cuisine ”, comments this gastronomic consultant. As David describes, they make a very elaborate, crispy and fluffy dough, slow fermentation and with that addictive acidity point of the sourdough. “If you are looking for a perfectly decorated and painted place, this is not your place. You have to go with an open mind, ready to try a good selection of their specialties and let yourself be carried away by the gift of people from their owners, “he warns. You must take into account that A Margellina does not have home delivery or a terrace, but you can request and collect the Pizza at your local.

To Margellina: Calle Fray Luis de Granada, 39. Salamanca. Tel .: 609 22 72 04. Map.


Spacca Napoli

They have two locations in Valencia; near the two markets, both with a wood oven and in which the pizza, which is very well placed in various rankings, can be picked freshly made in all its glory. If the roll goes hardcoreThey also have fried Naples-style pizza, which you can order at home —they have their own delivery service— or at a table on their terrace.

Spacca Napoli: Carrer de la Reina Na Maria, 3. Valencia. Tel .: 963 20 24 20. Map.

Trattoria napoletana da Carlo

Also in the Valencian capital is the Trattoria napoletana da Carlo, the first recommendation that makes us Almudena Ortuño. This Italian restaurant with 27 years of history keeps some customs intact from the first day, and that is that according to our collaborator comidister, “the Pizza It is only made on Mondays ”. In addition, they only make thirty units, “which are what Carlo wants, from a classic Margarita to a seven-cheese and white truffle pizza.” Under normal conditions they are made from October to June, but they have decided to extend it to every Monday in 2020. Valencian and Valencian, you are in luck: now you can go and pick up some of Carlo’s select pizzas at their trattoria any month of the year.

Trattoria napoletana da Carlo: Calle Doctor Manuel Candela, 79. Valencia. Tel .: 963 93 55 62. Map.

Acqua e Farina

The next recommendation Almudena makes us is Acqua e Farina. This restaurant, located in the Valencian neighborhood of Russafa, highlights above all the lack of prejudice when it comes to combining ingredients. “Suddenly Valencian tomato with bologna from Bologna and stracciatella de burrata – what they call Pizza Mondiale–; or pumpkin cream, with pancetta with pepper and provoke smoked (this is Flash pizza). When they put speckThey already have me in the boat ”, says a melancholic gluttony Ortuño. They have recently opened the terrace and have delivery service with Uber Eats and Glovo.

Acqua e Farina: Calle de Matías Perelló, 52. Valencia. Tel .: 963 12 97 88. Map.



The south also exists, and we get several recommendations from it. The first one gives us Nacho sanchez, a journalist from El País, who suggests the name of L’albero, located in Malaga. “His pizza maker is a guy who is very curious to do different things and has pizzas of all kinds and also the guy has won a lot of awards doing juggle the masses”, Nacho tells us, adding that” he has some pizzas scandal. “So if you are in the capital of the Costa del Sol, you can pick up the order at L’albero or ask me to deliver it to you at home.

L’albero: Av. De los Guindos, 44. Málaga. Tel .: 952 17 72 78. Map.


Blanca Paloma Pizzeria

And aren’t you going to include any of the slightly thicker ones, comidistas? Yes, dear readers: in El Puerto de Santa María, the Blanca Paloma Pizzeria, from which Inma Garrido He claims that the dough is “so good that I like it to the edges. The quality of the ingredients is very good and the quantity of these in the pizza is abundant. If you order it with ham, there is ham there, in every bite. The price is for all audiences and has the incentive that one of the restaurants is on the beach of La Muralla ”. Also, we like that home delivery is not outsourced. They do it themselves with, attention, a euro increase on the total of the account, but they give you a liter of the soft drink you choose, so that it happens better.

Blanca Paloma Pizzeria: Calle Paloma Zurita, 1. El Puerto de Sta María, Cádiz. Tel .: 956 87 15 79. Map.



Among all the offer of pizzerias in the Andalusian capital, Anna Mayer assures that she has spoken wonders about Alimentari. This venue, run by an Italian and a utrerana, celebrated its first anniversary on April 18; a year in which the positive reviews have been numerous, as evidenced by its fourth place on TripAdvisor’s Best Italian Restaurants in Seville. Of course Anna is clear: “If she could, she would ask me right now what they call focaccia, but it is a marvel of north / south dialogue: Neapolitan pizza, mortadella from Bologna, Sicilian pistachios and pugliese burrata”. They have home delivery service from Tuesday to Sunday, pick up from the premises and have tables on the terrace.

Alimentari: Bartolomé de Medina Street, 21. Seville. Tel .: 955 72 22 60. Map.


La Cosa Nostra

As this article has insisted, an essential element in a good pizza is its dough, and that Ricardo Ojalvo he knows it well when he has to point out something positive about the elaborations of La Cosa Nostra: “The ingredients seem well cared for, but the most notable is the dough, which in this case is thin, crisp and very rich, with those toasted alveoli made from correct baking ”. Also Ricardo, editor of web content Kitchen.es, praises “the fantastic dedication in his letter to the celiac community”. La Cosa Nostra does not distribute – we mean the pizzeria, the other one does, and well – but it does have a terrace with tables.

La Cosa Nostra: Calle Alcántara, 43. Badajoz. Tel .: 924 231 600. Map.

Italian Capriccio

“In Capriccio Italiano the touch of the wood oven adds character and authenticity to the dough of their pizzas,” says Ricardo Ojalvo from Cáceres. This pizzeria, run by the Italian Antonio Ferrara, has been in Mérida for more than 20 years, although since 2012 it has been in the El Foro Shopping Center. Among all the pizzas, Ricardo specially points out one: “I remember trying a boletus pizza with olive oil that was delicious.” Its owner, Antonio Ferrara, confirms that it will open on June 10 or 11 with pick-up from the premises and service on the terrace.

Italian Capriccio: El Foro Shopping Center, Portugal Avenue. Merida. Tel .: 924 37 30 86. Map.



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