3 cool kits to order for cooking at home

3 cool kits to order for cooking at home

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Dalmata’s “pizza in padella” kit

No pizza oven, no problem with Dalmata. The pink restaurant in the rue Tiquetonne has imagined a kit with everything you need to simmer a margherita in the pan (cooking ends in the oven for a few minutes to “gratinate” the mozza). Well thought out and easy to make, this small box should boost your lunch break.

The “pizza in padella” kit from Dalmata, in a limited edition, € 12.

The Hood’s Banh Mi Kit

Even if cooking is not your strong point, making this banh mi should be on your ropes. The hood – the canteen / cafe in the 11th arrondissement – offers a kit for making a Vietnamese sandwich in 5 versions: made from eggs, marinated pork, chicken, tofu or mushrooms. The assembly is done in three stages and should not last more than 10 minutes, that is to say as much time as cooking the pasta, to have a “homemade” lunch that changes!

The Banh Mi kit by The hood, From € 12.

The Cali Sisters breakfast kits

The Cali Sisters was to open on the first day of confinement in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. As its name suggests, this restaurant offers Californian cuisine in a beautiful restaurant decorated by Heather Tierney (from The Butcher’s Daughter in New York and Los Angeles). If for the moment, only the terrace is open to customers, it is also possible to order the card online, to take away or to have it delivered. And in addition to the options on the menu (duck tacos, salads, sandwiches, etc.), two recipe kits for breakfast or a brunch of compet ‘are available: a homemade granola with coconut milk yogurt, manuka honey and sweet dukkah and buckwheat flour pancakes, lemon ricotta and maple syrup. Perfect to start the weekend.

Breakfast kits by Cali Sister, from 13 euros.


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