43 migrants rescued. The landings in Sardinia have resumed

43 migrants rescued. The landings in Sardinia have resumed

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Forty-three migrants (including two women and 17 unaccompanied minors) rescued north of Zuara, a stand-by ship between Italy and Malta with 118 people on board, the resumption of the Algeria-Sardinia ‘route’. Thanks to the good weather, departures from North Africa are intensifying and the fear is that – in the absence of timely help – new tragedies of the sea may occur.

The last rescue in chronological order is the one carried out by the ship “Ionian Sea” in international waters but in the Libyan Sar area: “they were on board a glass-filled boat full of water and overloaded, at risk of sinking”, explains “Mediterranea Saving Humans”, ensuring that all relief – despite dehydration, insolation, muscle spasms and, in some cases, burns from salt water and gasoline – are currently in good condition.

Strict compliance with the anti-Covid protocols: the staff wore antiviral, antibacterial and bio-containment protection devices while the castaways were immediately subjected to medical-health triage.

In the last week, the NGO reports, “at least three cases of refoulement by the so-called Libyan coastguard, of people fleeing to hell from the prison camps, torture and abuse” have been reported.

In the meantime, neither of the two ‘safe harbor’ requests made by Sos Mediterranee’s “Ocean Viking” has been answered (people rescued at two different times on June 25th are still on board) while today he got up for the flight. his first mission “Seabird”, the new aircraft of the German NGO Sea Watch: “Moonbird” is stopped for maintenance.

As of June 26, there were 6,576 migrants landed on our shores in 2020, two and a half times more than the 2,508 of the same period last year, and landings on the south-western coasts of Sardinia have also resumed in the last few days. The last 13 people arrived last night and the fear is now for the few places in the reception centers, which could run out soon, and for any reflections on tourism, in a period already problematic due to the health emergency. Yesterday in Porto Pino, on the beach of Sant’Anna Arresi – between tourists and bathers – two groups were intercepted, one of 19, the other of 8; six other Algerians were found in Teulada, 12 in Cala Cipolla, 10 in Sa Colonia, 14 in Sant’Antioco.

The military distributed protection masks to all new arrivals and activated the intervention of the ASSL for a first temperature measurement. 360 migrants have already arrived on the island from the beginning of the year to last Saturday.

From today a helicopter and a patrol boat of the naval department of the yellow flames will patrol the area in front of the coasts with the highest risk of landings and the device will be replicated tomorrow, when meteorological conditions are favorable for the 10-12 hour crossing that migrants perform from 2006 from the port of Hannaba, in Algeria.


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