6 tips to heat water quickly

6 tips to heat water quickly

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heat your pool

The good weather arrives, and with them, the urge to dive into the pool. But beware of its too cold water. Here are some tips to heat it up quickly.

Nothing like a good dip on a summer day to cool off and fight heat. But when the water from the swimming pool is too cold, it can take hours to jump in the water. The idea? Choose a heater to heat the water quickly and very simply. But which one to choose? And above all, what are the other greener solutions to save energy?

Swimming pool: what solutions to heat it?

If we want enjoy the pleasures of swimming, thepool water be tempered. Ideally it would reach 27-28 ° C, so that it is neither too cold nor too hot. But sometimes it really takes time for the water to heat up naturally with the help of the sun. To keep the pool water hot quickly, you can opt for a efficient heating system, but also ecological solutions. To know more, check out our slideshow.


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