77-year-old inmate dies of COVID-19; Minas prisons have 321 cases

77-year-old inmate dies of COVID-19; Minas prisons have 321 cases

© Leandro Couri / EM / D.A Press 2/12/13
Ceresp Gameleira, in Belo Horizonte, has 11 other prisoners with the disease

The State Secretariat for Justice and Public Security (Sejusp) and the Minas Gerais Penitentiary Department (Depen-MG) confirmed the second death on one inmate per COVID-19 in the state. So far, there have been 321 positive diagnoses for disease in the Minas Gerais prison system.

The man who died was called Pedro Vitoriano de Souza, was 77 years old and had no other diseases. On June 9, the Center for the Relocation of Prisoners was admitted (Ceresp) Gameleira, in the West Region of Belo Horizonte, one of the 30 units selected by the Secretariat as the gateway to the quarantine system. He was serving a temporary arrest. Ten days later, the elderly person had a runny nose and a dry cough.

The first service was performed by the unit’s health team. From there, he was isolated. The situation worsened and, on the last 24th, he had to be taken to the West Emergency Unit (UPA Oeste), where he took the exam for COVID-19. The next day, the detainee was transferred to Hospital Júlia Kubischeck and died on July 28, with confirmed cause for the disease caused by the coronavirus, according to Sejusp.

In a note, Sejusp and Depen-MG lamented the death of the detainee and informed what measures were taken. “All 10 prisoners who belong to the ward where Pedro was found are already, since being sent to the health center, isolated and being accompanied by the unit’s health team. The site is also receiving daily cleaning and disinfection. All will be tested for COVID-19 ”, says the text. In the same unit, there are 11 other prisoners with a positive diagnosis for COVID-19, in another ward. They have no symptoms and are being monitored.

On the 25th, Sejusp received confirmation that the death of detainee Antônio Pereira Nunes, 67, was due to COVID-19. He was from José Martinho Drummond Prison, in Ribeirão das Neves, in Greater BH, and received the benefit of house arrest when he was already hospitalized with pneumonia. The rapid test for COVID-19 was done the day after admission and was positive. He died on June 18.

Also according to Sejusp, Minas Gerais has 60 thousand detainees. Of the 321 who have confirmed the disease, one is hospitalized and the others are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms, accompanied by health professionals in the units. [NOTICIA1609927]


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