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A brigade of 1,000 young people will monitor compliance with the rules on the Valencian beaches

A brigade of 1,000 young people will monitor compliance with the rules on the Valencian beaches

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A couple sunbathes on the beach in Valencia.

It will not do it with an army of drones, but the Valencian Government does not renounce to closely monitor this summer the behavior of tourists on the main beaches of the Valencian Community. He will do it with a brigade of 1,000 young people between 18 and 30 years old They will be expressly hired for this task for two months. It will be the way to control that the safety rules and, above all, of social distancing, are carried out in spaces that are irretrievably linked each summer to crowds and crowds. The new post-pandemic normality, however, this year will force extreme precautions to avoid a flare-up of Covid-19 infections in the most tourist areas. Hence, the President of the Valencian Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has announced this plan, which seeks, in practice, to go from words to deeds: «” Mediterranean alive and safe ‘is much more than a slogan; what we want is to make security a fundamental asset of our tourism proposal ». Specifically, it will be the Security and Emergency Response Agency (AVSRE), dependent on the Ministry of Justice, which hires young people during July and August as “tourist assistants”. They will, therefore, be in charge of informing about safety and protection regulations. Specifically, the functions of the posts will be to ensure compliance with social distancing measures both in the dry zone and in the accesses; help in the access control and capacity of beaches; ensure the correct use by bathers of the itineraries marked for entering and leaving the dry area; and collaborate with the managing entities in ordering and planning an adequate enjoyment of the bathroom, as well as reporting incidents to the local Police. The new recruits will be distributed provincially and their assignment to municipalities will be made based on their needs, depending on the degree of saturation of the beaches. In addition, they will wear an Agency uniform that will clearly identify them as personnel of the Generalitat, and will have the C2 12 E015 classification.In addition, the Consell is finalizing a decree on the use of beaches that will incorporate the requirement to the municipalities of contingency plans to ensure safety on the beaches this summer. The objective is to avoid outbreaks in areas that, as Puig has publicly recognized, are more vulnerable to other territories due to increased mobility and the arrival of tourists precisely.

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