a child handcuffed by the police

a child handcuffed by the police

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An arresting arrest in Brussels: a child handcuffed by the police

An arresting video toured social networks: we see two police officers taking two children, so one is handcuffed. The facts took place in Saint-Gilles in the Brussels region on Monday.

The children are 11 and 13 years old. According to RTL, the initial call to the police station which justifies the intervention evokes a robbery with violence. “The rest of the investigation has shown that it was more like an attempt to steal a scooter that was apparently abandoned on the street. The respondent has evolved and made sure to release the young people quickly, “said the deputy public prosecutor, Denis Goeman.

There is no age limiting law for being handcuffed. However, the act must be justified as being necessary in the face of a risk.

Bernard De Vos, general delegate for children’s rights, reacted to the RTL microphone: “There is certainly a training problem. It’s pretty incredible that the police in these troubled times are able to handcuff children, drag them in front of everyone, put pressure on witnesses so that they do not film, etc. It’s a lot of mistakes in a single sequence. ”


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