A cleaning company will monitor covid patients in Catalonia

A cleaning company will monitor covid patients in Catalonia

The President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra. (EFE)

The Ferrovial subsidiary chosen by the Generalitat of Catalonia to monitor coronavirus patients and the risk of contagion in Catalonia, Ferroser Servicios Auxiliares, is a company dedicated to cleaning premises. It never had activity outside that area and the public contracts obtained in that community were to carry out cleaning of hospitals or residences of the elderly. So much so that, before 2012, its name was Eurolimp.

The macro contract of 17.7 million euros granted by the Government of Catalonia (Its concept details that it is for the “service for monitoring positive contacts through scouts”), has generated criticism not only for its volume, but for the nature of the successful bidder. This is the largest contract awarded by Quim Torra in this pandemic. “It doesn’t make sense. It is as if you entrust the inspection of your car to a shoemaker,” an opposition deputy staged the situation at El Confidencial, on the fact that it was not taken away by a health company.

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From the ‘holding’, it is explained that the least is the name of the company, since “the brand or company name is one thing and the work provided is another.” And they insist that the division that works in the field of services of that group has about 8,000 employees. The bulky contract will only employ 184 people. Or, at least, those are the forecasts.

At Catalonia transparency portal There are only four public contracts with this company. However, El Confidencial is aware of more awards. Last year, Ferroser Auxiliary Services obtained the contract for the cleaning of the headquarters of the Institut Mar Foundation for Medical Research, of the Hospital del Mar. They were 284,617 euros, in an award where no other offer was submitted. The contract is renewable, so that amount may double in 2020.

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In 2018, he obtained a contract for 2,214 euros from the Blood and Tissue Bank (BST) for the cleaning of laboratories. On April 1 of that year, he also signed a contract with the Ministry of Labor (also in the hands of ERC, like Health) to perform “the services of cleaning, laundry and other services in the Llar Sant Josep nursing home, in Lleida. “The duration of this contract is 26 months and the price of it was 997,097.96 euros. In the administrative clause specification, however, it specifies that the estimated value of the contract is double, since there is an extension of the same for another similar period.

A purchasing center instead of emergencies

At Official Journal of the Generalitat (DOGC) only the company is listed in two editions: the cleaning of the mentioned residence in Lleida in 2019, and a list of similar contracts in 2015. On that occasion, the signing was made with the cleaning and laundry of the Mare de Déu de la Mercè nursing home in Tarragona, for 440,065.62 euros; cleaning of the assisted living for the elderly and day center Jaume I, in Espluga de Francolí for 903,724.80 euros; the cleaning of the Llar Conca de Barberà residence, in Montblanc, for 642,074.40 euros, and the cleaning of the Can Ruti residence, in Badalona, ​​by 848,603.55 euros. Not a mention in its pages to the Llar Sant Josep contract cited above. Not even the BST contract. In 2016, it was also done with the Liceu cleaning contract, who reported 751,663 euros. Another omission of the DOGC, in which all the public contracts that are signed should theoretically be published. The trajectory of the company, therefore, does not invite us to think about its work as a controller of patients with covid.

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The second point of the star award in Torra in which the opposition focuses why the public company Sistemes d’Emergències Mèdiques has been SA (Semsa) the one that conveyed the contract, when could have been the primary care area that awarded it. This derives the responsibilities towards a company, which is not subject to the same control as a public Administration and avoids the critical eye of the intervention, with which it has more room for maneuver when awarding contracts.

The opposition asks for explanations

The socialist deputy Assumpta Escarp she is very critical of the contract. “To begin with, the contract does not specify the period of time of the same. But, in addition, the Generalitat has announced that hires 108 specialists for epidemiological monitoring. Theoretically, these specialists are the ones who will provide Ferroser employees with the telephones to carry out the follow-ups, which will basically consist of calling the person in question twice and, depending on the symptoms they have, refer them to primary care, “he says. Escarp to this newspaper.

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Manuel Ángel Méndez

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But, in addition, the money destined to this contract contrasts with the one that needs public health at other levels, in which you haggle down to the last penny. “While an exorbitant amount of money is put here, for the whole summer, with the reinforcement to be put in, the substitutions and the complementary funds, it is destined only 4.5 million euros. Absolute contradictionEscarp remarks.

Citizens He has also presented a battery of questions about the contract. Deputy Jorge Soler has been commissioned to do so. “What companies entered the contest? How have the requirements of transparency and concurrency in this hiring? What means has the Department of Health established to guarantee the Data Protection in accordance with current regulations on data protection? Why an app that it will be launched urgently and immediately has it been hired without advertising? “are some of the questions that the orange party has raised in the Catalan Parliament.

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Jorge Soler, a deputy and spokesperson for Ciudadanos’ health, tells El Confidencial that this training requires “explanations. We want to know what is behind this contract, since it seems to us a disproportionate amount.” Cs has also requested the appearance of the person in charge of the CTTI, the telecommunications center.

The opposition points to the fact that the manager of the services division Ferrovial in Catalonia is nothing more and nothing less than Roger Junqueras, brother of the former Catalan vice president who serving sentence for 1-O. This executive combines his dedication as manager of Ferrovial Servicios with that of UTE Pedalem manager, operator of the bicing system in Barcelona for the next decade.

From Ferrovial it is underlined that Junqueras He has been in the group for 19 years Ferrovial and that “his position is of third or fourth level”. However, it is manager in Catalonia. The former vice president’s brother worked for a gardening company until it was bought by Cespa, from the Ferrovial group, in 2006. From there, he went up “until he had professional development and a certain level of responsibility.” They highlight that it does not appear in the Ferrovial Services Spain organization chart. In the company they also pointed out that the contract for the monitoring of patients with coronavirus could depend on the infrastructure area, but the very nature of the contracted company suggests that is the services division, which is under the cloak of Junqueras, the person in charge of it.


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