A cry of the heart in Montreal against the Israeli plan of annexation

A cry of the heart in Montreal against the Israeli plan of annexation

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The demonstrators gathered in Philips Square were for the most part masked – pandemic requires – and called for “solidarity with Palestine”.

More than 100 protesters gathered in Montreal on Sunday to denounce the impending annexation of Palestinian territory by the state of Israel. Several federal and provincial elected officials took the opportunity to criticize the silence of the Trudeau government on this subject, urging them to support the Palestinian people.

“Once again, we are gathered to denounce the flouting of international law by the Israeli state. It is time that we fight to liberate Palestine and all the colonized peoples ”, launched like a cry of the heart Zahia El-Masri, vice-president of the Canadian-Palestinian Foundation of Quebec, which is among the organizations that organized the rally .

“We must decolonize Palestine, decolonize all the lands and decolonize our mentalities”, she continued, fist in the air, drawing a round of applause from the crowd gathered in front of her, at Phillips Square, in the city center.

Waving over their heads the Palestinian flag, the demonstrators, for the great majority masked – pandemic requires – called for “solidarity with Palestine”, chanting repeatedly “Palestine will live, Palestine will win”.

Remember that from 1er July, the new Israeli unity government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Benny Gantz, to present its strategy for implementing the United States “peace plan” for the Middle East, in order to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Announced at the end of January in Washington, this plan notably provides for the annexation by Israel of its settlements and the Jordan Valley in the West Bank – occupied since 1967 by the Hebrew state.

“We are fighting today against a rogue state. The State of Israel flouts international law, unlawfully takes action, and terrorizes the Palestinians. It is against these oppressors that we are fighting, “insisted Ruba Ghazal. Palestinian of origin, the member for Québec solidaire in Mercier made a point of affirming her solidarity with the Palestinian people on Sunday, recalling the importance of fighting to defend the rights of “all the oppressed peoples of the world”.

Trudeau in the spotlight

She also took the opportunity to criticize the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, accusing him of supporting the United States of Donald Trump, and therefore of taking the side of Israel by voting against motions that recognize the Palestinian people . “This is shameful for Canada,” she insisted.

This is one of the reasons why the country did not “deserve” to have a seat on the UN Security Council, she said, who “lost her aura over international issues”.

Ruba Ghazal thus called on Justin Trudeau to stand up and denounce the annexation of the Palestinian territories by the State of Israel, recognizing this act as “illegal and unacceptable”.

Remarks supported by Alexandre Boulerice, MP for Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie for the New Democratic Party (NDP), as well as by Mario Beaulieu, MP for the Bloc Québécois in Pointe-de-l’Île, who were also present at the rally Sunday.

They promised to pressure the Liberal government in the event of an annexation. “If Israel annexed the Palestinian territories, there would have to be consequences. Are you ready to take action, Mr. Trudeau? “Said the NDP MP, deploring” a drop in Canada’s international cooperation, which is even more cheap under Trudeau than under Stephen Harper “.

“The right to self-determination of peoples is fundamental, be it for the First Nations, for Quebec, Catalonia, Scotland and especially for Palestine,” declared for his part Mario Beaulieu, also calling for sanctions against Israel. “The least we can do is demonstrate, spread information and boycott. “

Many events

Elsewhere in the world, other protests took place on Sunday, including in several major European cities. The message is the same: protesters have called for a boycott of Israel and international sanctions against the country.

More than 1,000 MEPs from EU member states have already spoken out against the annexation plan. UN Secretary-General António Guterres also sees it as “a most serious violation of international law [qui] would seriously jeopardize the prospect of a two-state solution and reduce the chances of resuming negotiations. ” All call on the Israeli government to abandon these annexations.

For its part, the military wing of Hamas has warned Israel. “The resistance considers an annexation of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley as a declaration of war against our people and we will make sure that the enemy bites their fingers”, warned the spokesman of Brigades Ezzedine Al -Qassam, Abou Obaida.

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