a statue of General de Gaulle sold at auction

a statue of General de Gaulle sold at auction

© Laurent Thomas
The General’s statue is priced at 5,000 euros.

On her stone base, she is as tall as the General himself. This patinated bronze sculpture by Charles de Gaulle, installed on a square in Amnéville (Moselle), was inaugurated in 1995 by Alain Juppé. But it could soon no longer be part of the landscape – without any link, however, with the recent wave of unboltings of statues – to the dismay of the inhabitants defending the heritage. His fate even interfered in the municipal election campaign.

The sculpture by Lorraine artist Claude Goutin will indeed be auctioned on July 9. Unless you make an offer, the city cannot keep it since it does not own it. This statue belonged to the association managing the tourist office of the town, which was recently liquidated. The sale of the assets having been ordered, the work is priced at 5000 euros.

The mayor of Metz also moved

20 km away, in Metz, the new mayor was also moved. François Grosdidier said he would make an offer to prevent the sculpture from leaving the department “because it was born from an initiative of Messins to pay tribute to General de Gaulle, commander of a regiment in Metz before become the liberator of France. I will not bid against the town of Amnéville if it wishes to keep it. But if she abandons it, Metz will buy. ”

The auctioneer specifies that “the removal must be carried out before September 1, 2020”. Unless it remains on the spot, if the adjudication is pronounced in favor of Amnéville.


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