A very different scene will be experienced

A very different scene will be experienced

US President Donald Trump said to protesters who wanted to demonstrate in Oklahoma, where he will hold an election rally tomorrow, “You will not be treated like in New York, Seattle or Minneapolis. A very different scene will be experienced.” He gave intimidation in his words.

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Donald Trumptan intimidation: A very different scene will be experienced

Trump made statements on Twitter after news that there will be large protests in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he will hold his first rally tomorrow after a break because of the coronavirus (Kovid-19).

Referring to the nationwide demonstrations after black George George was killed by police violence, Trump said, “All protesters, anarchists, provocateurs, looters, or outcasters on the streets in Oklahoma understand that you will not be treated like in New York, Seattle or Minneapolis. There will be a very different scene. ” used expressions.

Trump said about the rally, “Large crowds have already started forming long queues in Tulsa. My election campaign has not started yet. It will start tomorrow night in Oklahoma.” found the assessment.


On the other hand, a curfew has been declared to prevent protests and possible violent incidents before and after Trump’s rally in Tulsa.

Republican Mayor of the city G.T. Buynum announced that a curfew will be implemented in Tulsa tonight and tomorrow night between 22.00-06.00.

Trump will be the first election rally after three and a half months

US President Donald Trump announced in the White House on June 10th that he will resume the election rallies that he had suspended due to the Kovid-19 outbreak, on June 19th, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Trump noted that the rallies would continue in Florida, North Carolina and Arizona.

However, Trump announced on June 13 that the rally was on the “Juneteenth” holiday, celebrated in 1865 in memory of the anniversary of the banning of slavery in the country, and announced that they took the date of the rally on June 20 at the request of black Americans.

Presidential elections will be held on November 3 in the US, where Republican Trump and Democrat rival Joe Biden will compete.


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