agents above him for 12 minutes

agents above him for 12 minutes

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Usa, 27 year old of Hispanic origin killed by the police during the arrest: agents above him for 12 minutes

Another shocking video about US police brutality after the George Floyd case. This time the victim is a Hispanic, Carlos Ingram Lopez, 27, who died while arrested in Tucson, Arizona. The images, released by the police more than two months after the episode, see the agents chasing the man inside a house, handcuffing him and keeping him with his face on the ground for 12 minutes while asking for water and murmuring “I can’t breathe”, before dying.

The dynamics According to the autopsy, the cause of death is a combination of the blockade on the ground in a prone position with an anti-spit cap and a cardiac arrest in the presence of cocaine intoxication. The three agents – two white and one African American – attempted heart massage and also injected him with Narcan, a substance to revive overdose people, but to no avail. They had intervened to report an unsettled conduct of the man, who was without clothes and seemed to be acting irregularly, trying to hide behind a car in a garage. At one point one of the policemen is heard telling Lopez that he would have been shot with a taser gun if he had not cooperated but the man offers no resistance and appears only terrified. According to Tucson police chief Chris Magnus, the agents did not use the chokehold but violated the guidelines by holding the arrested in a prone position for 12 minutes in what he described as a mental health crisis with “excited delirium”.

The resignation of the agents and the words of the mayor The three agents involved in Lopez’s death submitted their resignations, while police chief Chris Magnus offered his after the video was released. The cops involved are Samuel Routledge, Ryan Starbuck and Jonathan Jackson. The mayor of Tucson, Regina Romero, the first Latin to lead a largely Hispanic city, said she was “deeply troubled and indignant” and offered condolences to the victim’s family.


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