Alzano Lombardo remembers the 139 victims of the pandemic

Alzano Lombardo remembers the 139 victims of the pandemic

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Alzano Lombardo pays tribute to coronavirus victims. A day of remembrance – “Alzano remembers, Alzano thanks” the name of the initiative – to remember the 139 citizens who have disappeared since the start of the pandemic in the small town in the Bergamo area.

A non-random choice, that of June 21st. “We decided to celebrate this moment on the day of the summer solstice, the day when the light lasts longer, we would like to mark the victory of light over darkness,” said Mayor Camillo Bertocchi.

Two moments of the initiative wanted by the city administration, one religious and one civil: first a mass celebrated by the priests of the various parishes in the city stadium. 5 people were present, including family and friends, for each of the victims.

Then an extraordinary city council to thank the volunteers of the various associations, from the Alpine troops to the Red Cross, for the work done in the most critical weeks of the pandemic. The concert will be followed by a piano concert by Gabriele Rota.

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An event characterized by quiet and tranquility: the streets of the city center were closed, as they were during the lockdown weeks. “We thought of a day marked by sobriety, simple moments of recollection,” said Bertocchi.


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