An amputated Miss Universe candidate: her inspiring message

An amputated Miss Universe candidate: her inspiring message

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An amputated Miss Universe candidate: her inspiring message

Daniella Alvarez, Miss Colombia 2011, had a leg amputation. On Instagram, the former Miss Universe candidate delivers a moving and hopeful testimony.

Daniella Alvarez was not amputated of her magnificent smile which had enabled her to win the election of Miss Colombia 2011. Almost ten years after her election, the beauty queen appears radiant in her hospital bed when she just had her leg amputated. “I chose between having a nonfunctional foot and a prosthesis that would allow me to dance again, that would allow me to run, to ride a bike and everything I liked, I decided to have this surgery “, said the former Miss Universe candidate on her Instagram account in caption of several photos that she posted this Monday, June 15, where she is surrounded by her family.

Having her clan around her may be one of her secrets for keeping morale high when she got her left leg amputated. An intervention she underwent following several operations that went wrong. At first, it was because ofa lump in the abdomen that prevented the circulation of blood in his leg that the Miss had been hospitalized, reminds the Daily Mail. A huge change in her life that she does not welcome as a drama, quite the contrary. “I love my body as much as before. I am happy to be here in this world to meet the new challenges to come in my life ”, rejoices the young woman of 32 who decided to do with it, at a time when beauty contests try to give disabled candidates a chance.

“I will do everything”

In September 2018, Chiara Bordi, the first model to walk with a prosthetic leg, finished third in the Miss Italy election. A woman who decided to assume her physical feature, despite the criticism. The kind of initiative that is gradually trying to to change mentalities. By showing up right after his amputation, Daniella Alvarez reaches a new milestone. “I know that by the hand of God I will achieve everything. ‘Feet, why do I want them if I have wings to fly’, let’s go ahead!she wrote on Instagram hopefully. An inspiring example for thousands of women facing the same problem.


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