Analysis indicates presence of coronavirus antibodies in 12% of blood donors in SP

Analysis indicates presence of coronavirus antibodies in 12% of blood donors in SP

SÃO PAULO – An analysis of blood samples donated in Pro-Blood Foundation, of Hospital das Clínicas of São Paulo, found a prevalence of antibodies to the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 in 12% of donors in June.

© Felipe Rau / Estadão
An analysis of 2,581 blood samples shows a prevalence of antibodies to the coronavirus in 12% of donors in June.

The data, sent this Monday by the foundation to the State Department of Health, suggest that this may also be the distribution of infections among the population of the city of São Paulo and corroborate a survey made by the City Hall released on Tuesday.

The testing was done in 2,581 blood samples donated always in the second week of April, May and June (900, 824 and 857 samples, respectively). In April, only 27 samples were positive (2.6%). In May, 44 (5%) and in June there was a jump to 105 positive results (12%).

An analysis of georeferencing of the donors’ place of residence based, based on the CEP informed in the registry, allowed it to be possible to achieve a good representativeness of the samples in relation to the population distribution by sub-municipalities of the municipality.

Ester, who was in charge of the first mapping of the genomes of the coronavirus in Brazil, he was responsible for serological analysis. The researchers’ plan is to continue monitoring 800 to 1,000 samples per month throughout the year.

Research shows increase in antibodies against covid-19 in the population of Rio

An Hemorio research shows that 28% of the fluminenses who donated blood in the past two weeks have shown antibodies against coronavirus. Analyzed in partnership with the State Health Secretariat, the Uerj, a UFRJ and the Fiocruz, the numbers show a considerable increase compared to the first weeks of April. At that time, only 4% of donors had antibodies.

The study has already collected information from 7,300 people and continues to be done. The goal is to map the rate of infected and people with antibodies in Rio.

“Blood donors can be considered as a sentinel population, which allows us to follow the disease curve. Surprisingly, a considerable number of donors already have antibodies against the new coronavirus, which may reflect the reality of the population in general ”, comments Hemorio director, Luiz Amorim.


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