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Andalusia completes phase 3 of the de-escalation

Andalusia completes phase 3 of the de-escalation

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The Andalusian Government will recover its powers fully next Monday after confirming that all its territory will go to phase 3 of de-escalation, including the provinces of Malaga and Granada. The decision of the Ministry of Health, which incorporates the provinces of Malaga and Granada to transit towards normality at the same rate as the rest of the community, will allow the Andalusian Government to contemplate the most anticipated measure in recent weeks, which has to do with the mobility between provinces, that the Board had been insistently demanding from the Government but to which conditions are now being put. In this regard, the decree regulating the alarm state is not sufficiently clarifying. In it, it is exhaustively stated that “the competent authority delegated for the adoption, suppression, modulation and execution of measures corresponding to phase III of the de-escalation plan will, in exercise of its powers, be exclusively the person who holds the Presidency of the autonomous community”. But it adds a caveat to that general principle for “measures related to the freedom of movement that exceed the scope of the territorial unit determined for each autonomous community for the purposes of the de-escalation process. “Following this text, the Andalusian Government interprets that its powers in the field of mobility between provinces could continue to be limited and has asked the Ministry of Health that clarifies this point and specifies precisely if all functions are recovered.In any case, in the last few days the messages transferred about whether or not it would authorize the movements of citizens between neighboring provinces have been confusing if not contradictory , to the point of generate discrepancies between the partners of the Andalusian government. The last guideline in this regard is that the Ministry of Health will prepare a technical report to find out if it is convenient to extend freedom of movement as long as the Government allows the entire community as a whole (including Malaga and Granada) to go to phase 3 on Monday. Once the phase change has been confirmed in the entire territory, the Ministry of Health has announced that the expert committee will meet tomorrow Saturday.


As of today, there are 87 admitted to hospitals by Covid 19, according to the figures provided by the Health Minister, Jesús Aguirre, of which 59 are on the ward and 28 ICU units. In the last 14 days Andalusia has registered 0 , 64 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which shows the positive evolution of the pandemic in the community, and has served to endorse the request of the Board to the Ministry so that the entire territory advances in de-escalation. As for the monitoring of new infections, the counselor has pointed out that the protocol for tracing and traceability of those affected already reaches 86 percent of cases.

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