“Andreas Gabalier seriously injured me back then”


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The Mayerin felt hurt by Andreas Gabalier.

“Andreas Gabalier seriously injured me back then”

Andreas Gabalier, 35, is not only a hit star in Germany – the singer is also a celebrated hero of the so-called dialect pop in his native Austria. But it is precisely in this section that a young singer is competing with him: The “Mayerin” of the same age – bourgeois Ulrike Maria Mayer – is making a decent career in this niche music genre – and that doesn’t seem to taste good for the “Hulapalu” interpreter.

The Mayerin is actually not a newcomer. Until 2011 she played in the “Band WG”, an Austrian rock band, but initially put the music back for a psychology course, for her wedding and her two children. For her solo comeback with the album “Sternschnuppn” she even won the popular Amadeus Award in 2019 – an award that Gabalier was otherwise allowed to receive in the years 2012-2017. At “heute.at” Die Mayerin reports that Gabalier and his management described their profit as “strange”.

“Andreas Gabalier hurt me badly back then. But only for an hour,” says the singer in an interview, “then I understood that the management had to make someone else smaller to make Gabalier look bigger. It’s a normal process. That I say as a psychologist. ”

Gabalier also seems to be at war with the organizers of the Amadeus Awards this year because he was not even nominated for “Best Live Act” for his 15 sold out football stadiums. The fact that his name is not on the nominees list is “not only not to be surpassed in ignorance, but the greatest testimony of poverty that you give yourself in terms of unprofessionalism”, said the singer in March 2020 in a Facebook live video .

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