Anne Nivat defends herself after leaving RMC

Anne Nivat defends herself after leaving RMC

Jean-Jacques Bourdin has announced his departure from RMC morning. Following this decision, he was able to count on the unfailing support of his wife, the journalist Anne Nivat.

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Jean-Jacques Bourdin: Anne Nivat defends herself after leaving RMC

This is news that has had the effect of a bomb. On June 4, Le Parisien announced the departure of Jean-Jacques Bourdin from the morning show at RMC “Bourdin Direct” he has been presenting since June 2001. The decision was taken by “mutual agreement” with his management, as revealed by a member of his entourage.

The daily had then specified that it still kept its political interview: “The journalist does not leave the station either: he will keep his political interview from 8:30 am, a landmark meeting two years before the presidential election. C “is one of the most watched political talks in France and Jean-Jacques Bourdin wishes to devote himself to it fully with a view to the presidential election of 2022”.

The journalist was able to count on the unfailing support of his wife Anne Nivat, a great reporter, a specialist in war grounds like Chechnya. Invited on the set of C to you this Wednesday, June 17 to comment on the clashes that have taken place since this weekend in Dijon, she spoke about the departure of her husband in the morning.

“no one wants to do without Jean-Jacques Bourdin”

“Nothing has been officially said by Jean-Jacques and I think everyone is waiting for him to speak. And we will see. We will decide when the moment is opportune. But what is important is especially what Jean-Jacques did. You know, we are in a profession where there is not much gratitude, and then everyone has a short memory – of everything. ”

Anne Nivat, in a relationship with the journalist for 15 years is formal, the importance of Jean-Jacques Bourdin for the BFM group is considerable. “We are talking about a consolation prize with BFM TV the political interview. The political interview at 8:35 am is, since the creation of the channel BFM TV, the best audience every day that God makes, it is the best audience. And it’s the best audience of the channel which continues to be the best audience of all the all-news channels. So would that be a lot of consolation? I think it’s above all that nobody wants to do without Jean-Jacques Bourdin for the political interview. Otherwise it would be a disaster! ” she concludes.


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