Are you thinking of buying a smartwatch? You should read this

Are you thinking of buying a smartwatch? You should read this

The cell phone is undoubtedly an extension of your personality, in it you have tools that will help you carry out your routines, however, there are ways to get more out of that device that accompanies you daily. For example, connecting your smartphone to speakers, headphones, televisions, watches and other smart devices is the first step in creating your ecosystem where you have control from the palm of your hand.

A smartwatch connected to your cell phone will allow you to take advantage of and discover new ways of doing things: receive message notifications, control your music, find out your state of health and even facilitate taking photos. If you are looking for reasons to buy a smart watch, here are some that you can decide on for the Huawei GT 2e:

A healthier lifestyle

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If what you want is to stay active, a smartwatch is a great ally, as it will allow you to explore your daily physical activity regardless of whether you are an amateur or a high-performance athlete. In the same way, this smart watch will allow you to set goals to suit you to motivate you to improve your records in each workout.

This model of smartwatch allows you to monitor all kinds of activities, from alternative sports such as yoga, to basic activities that you do from home, also running or even surfing, thanks to its 100 customizable exercise modes, including 15 professional modes. In this way, you will be able to accurately follow your physical activity thanks to the advanced fitness monitoring systems perfected by Huawei, with which you will be able to learn much more: oxygen saturation level in the blood, aerobic and anaerobic effect of exercise, intensity and training status, and even have a personalized fitness trainer on your wrist that adapts to your abilities.

In addition to maintaining a healthy heart rate, this Watch GT 2e allows you to monitor your stress levels and sleep quality. Now that you are more time at home, with extended hours of work and study, it is vital to know these aspects to maintain your well-being in all aspects.

Design that fits your style and battery like no other

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The watch is undoubtedly an accessory that gives the finishing touch to your outfit. With its gray stainless steel frame and matte finish, the Huawei GT 2e will fill your looks with elegance, and with its interchangeable multi-colored straps, you can combine it as you want and personalize its covers with the design, information and style that best suits you. like.

Dance, walk, run and move as you like, for up to two weeks, without worrying about the battery, because with the Kirin A1 chip, Huawei has ensured that it maintains low battery consumption without compromising the performance of your smartwatch.

An assistant on your wrist that helps you take photos on the move

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If you feel that you have control of your life with your cell phone, with the new Huawei GT 2 you will feel that you have an allied assistant who helps you organize your day, view call notifications, read messages quickly, and even find your cell phone in seconds when you lose sight of it. You can also save, pause or fast-forward up to 500 songs on your smartwatch to enjoy while you train, work, study or rest.

Do you love to surprise your friends and family with the best photos on your social networks? This smart watch incorporates a pre-installed timer of 2 to 5 seconds, with which you can capture your best angles, even while you are on the move away from your cell phone and all from your watch.

If you want to confirm why the Huawei GT 2e is your smartest option visit: to see more features, videos and photos.


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