Aulas tried his hand at it with Ceferin

Aulas tried his hand at it with Ceferin

After the hearing of OL (as well as Amiens and Toulouse) before the Council of State on Thursday to contest the stopping of the Ligue 1 season by the LFP at the end of April due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jean- Michel Aulas contacted Aleksander Ceferin to try to plead his case. A va-tout to which the UEFA president replied with a dismissal.

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Ligue 1 shutdown: Aulas tried his hand at Ceferin

Jean-Michel Aulas has tried everything for everything. On Thursday, OL’s appeal against the end of the Ligue 1 season at the end of April, due to the coronavirus pandemic, was examined before the Council of State, which should deliver its verdict on Monday or Tuesday. According to our information after the hearing, the President of Lyon has tried his hand at Aleksander Ceferin.

However, the UEFA leader opposed him. Jean-Michel Aulas once again supported his arguments on the famous date of August 3, a time presented as an ultimatum from the European body for the championships to end the season and can then contest the end of the Champions League.

“The Minister for Sports explained that her position was based on the proposal which had been sent to her: a season which was due to end on 3 August, because of the dates imposed by UEFA. However, I can confirm to you that there has never been a date of August 3 imposed by UEFA. “

No interference with decisions of national authorities

This date of August 3 which was ultimately not an obligation but appeared as a recommendation from UEFA. Important nuance that the head of the European body had admitted already in a letter dated May 14.

“The dates of July 20 (for national associations classified 16 to 55) and August 3 (for those classified 1 to 1.5, including France) were mentioned in the presentations made during the meetings with secretaries and presidents of the 55 UEFA member associations on 21 April and at meetings between UEFA, the ECA and EL (Union of European Leagues) working groups, however we have always mentioned at these meetings that these dates are only recommendations , made provisionally and not officially, “Aleksander Ceferin wrote on May 14.

But the situation has since changed. The Bundesliga has taken over, the Liga, the Premier League and the Serie A are preparing to do so. The authorities of each country decided, organized to try to complete their championships before August 3. And their decisions remain sovereign: that’s what Aleksander Ceferin told Jean-Michel Aulas this Friday evening. UEFA does not intend to make any particular case or question the decisions of each national association.


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