Ayuso sees the government’s treatment of Madrid as “cruel” and defends that the crisis in the residences was inevitable

Ayuso sees the government's treatment of Madrid as

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The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso

The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has defended the management of his government in crisis of the residences and has lashed out at him Coalition government for their criticism. Ayuso has considered “cruel”The treatment of the Executive of Pedro Sánchez, whom he has reproached for having used “the press conference again to lash out against the Madrid’s community“, And has alleged that the drama suffered in the centers of the elderly couldn’t be helped.

In statements to Telecinco, the person in charge of Madrid has blamed the central executive for having been the one who has heated the current political climate with her claim to “dilute blame” on regional governments when it has been these governments that have had to “protect the toilets with purchases ”of material to protect against coronavitus. “Madrid has been alone and has also been treated as plagued,” Ayuso has complained, assuring that the management of the Community has been “impeccable and exemplary.”

“The only way to have avoided this would have been to act a month earlier,” but once Covid enters a hospital or a residence, “Protocols must be applied to cut root deaths as we have done”, has defended. In fact, the Madrid president recalled that during the last two weeks of March, almost 500 people died in Madrid a day and if Madrid did not close the schools, everything would have been even worse.

“You look at exceptionalism with normal eyes. In Madrid 500 people were dying a day, she was brutally beaten, when the virus had been in Spain since January “Even so, if she had acted a week later,” the disaster would have been even greater “, she warned. In short, the crisis of the residences could not be avoided once the virus entered the centers and “No time” because when the virus “appeared”, it was already “late”. In his opinion, the deaths in these centers could not have been “avoided” unless they had acted as they had acted, but “a month earlier.”

Ayuso has alleged that “it was not a crisis of residences”, but a global crisis, and that his government did transfer the elderly to hospitals and that “the decisions have been professional, not political.” He also wanted to highlight the fact that an internal investigation has been launched “out of respect for families”, with the aim of “unifying, collecting reports” and offering those conclusions publicly. But he wanted to make it clear that “he has always acted sensibly and with respect for life” and that he does not intend to admit that his government is said to be foolish.

The Madrid president has ruled out an electoral advance in the Community as a result of the clashes between the two government partners over this issue. According to Ayuso, the electoral reissue would lead him to agree again with his current partners, Cs and Vox. “If I look for an electoral advance it would be to agree with those who already am. I believe in the coalitions that we have made PP with Cs and Vox ”, he explained.

But Ayuso is not amused by the rapprochement between PSOE and Cs at the state level, about which he commented that “you have to have clear ideas and programs too”, and defended that the popular ones cannot accept, for example, more taxation. Liberlism and socialism are the most antagonistic from the ideological point of view. I don’t understand how they get along well, ”he said. But the Madrilenian leader has admitted that the clash between the Minister of Social Policies, Alberto Reyero (Cs) and the person in charge of Health, Enrique Ruz Escudero, who has asked them to be “sensible” does not “help much” when facing the crisis. and sensitive ”with what happened in the residences.


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