back on his young years in photos

back on his young years in photos

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, turns 99 on Wednesday. For the occasion, the Royal Blog of Paris Match invites you to (re) discover the husband of Queen Elizabeth II in photos, during his young years.

Prince Philip is going to celebrate an unusual birthday this Wednesday, June 10, 2020. That of his 99th birthday. However, he who has four children, eight grandchildren and as many great-grandchildren, should only blow out his candles with his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, five years younger. The Covid-19 epidemic prevented the British royal family from surrounding their dean on this occasion. Confined with his wife at Windsor Castle since March 19, the Duke of Edinburgh should however exchange with his family on this very special day for him by telephone and video via Zoom.

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To mark 99e birthday of prince consort Philip, the Royal Blog of Paris Match has chosen to go back in time until … his youth. A youth that started far from the London fog. Under the Mediterranean sun. Although of German stock, Philip, prince of Greece and Denmark, was indeed born in Corfu, June 10, 1921, on a kitchen table. Grandson of the late King George I of Greece, he is the fifth child and only son of Prince André of Greece and Princess Alice of Battenberg. But at the age of 18 months, he is evacuated in a bed made of cartons of oranges on board a British ship, with his parents and his four elder sisters, while his uncle the king of the Hellenes Constantine I is deposed . The young boy then had a lonely and restless childhood, between France, England and Germany. His depressed mother was hospitalized and then entered the orders, while his father moved to Monaco. His sisters marry Germans, one of whom is a Nazi dignitary.

Philip was a cousin from Elizabeth’s first siblings

Collected by parents, Philip follows a nomadic education, before joining the Royal Navy and taking an active part in the Second World War. He was 18 when he first met, in July 1939, the young Princess Elizabeth of England, a first cousin. The eldest daughter of King George VI, heiress to the British crown, is only 13 years old but she falls in love with the handsome officer whom she will never cease to love. A foreign prince, penniless and unpolished, Philip does not please the parents of the young princess. But Lilibet only wants him. Their engagement was announced on July 9, 1947 and their nuptials celebrated on November 20 of that same year in Westminster Abbey. To marry the future queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Philip renounces her royal Greek and Danish titles and converts from the Greek Orthodox religion to Anglicanism. Having become a British subject, he adopted the surname of Mountbatten, that of his maternal grandparents (Battenberg) in an anglicized version. Elizabeth will give him four children, two before styling the crown, two after: Prince Charles, November 14, 1948, and Princess Anne, August 15, 1950, then Prince Andrew, February 19, 1960, and Prince Edward, March 10, 1964. And will make him her prince consort when she succeeded her father early, February 6, 1952. She was then only 25 years old, Philip 30.


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