Bern’s Colonial Bar had to give up its name

Bern's Colonial Bar had to give up its name

Well known in the Bernese capital, the “Colonial Bar” was the victim of an uncompromising campaign on social networks after the Floyd affair. The boss threw in the towel and renamed his coffee …

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Named thus a few years ago in reference to a colonial food store, the Colonial Bar had never aroused particular reactions.

The global wave of anti-racism has had a particular effect in the city of Bern. Not far from the Zytglogge clock, in the center of the old town, there is a bar called the Colonial Bar a few years ago. The name refers to the place, which long ago housed a colonial food store next to the Kornhaus. No one found fault with it, even the city’s cafe guide held him in high regard to recommend it to tourists.

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Today, we can only guess the letters from COLONIAL, which the boss had removed. eric felley

Unleashed on social networks

Following the George Floyd case in the United States, the bar participated in early June on social networks in the solidarity operation with the victims by posting a black square in sign of mourning. But the reaction of the Bernese people was final. How could we still call a bar with such a name today? Local internet users went wild and caused a real “shitstorm”, literally “shit storm” on the establishment.

“We heard you!”

The Colonial boss had to throw in the towel, realizing fairly quickly that his cause was lost. The memory of an old colonial food store was very thin to defend itself. “We heard you! he wrote on the establishment’s Facebook page to his customers. From now on, we will no longer be called Colonial Bar and we will do all our advertising when we have found a new name. ” He joined the word to the acts by removing the letters from the sign on the street.

End of the “Mohrenkopf”

Case closed, therefore. The Colonial Bar in Bern was one of the victims of this wave of anti-racism in German Switzerland. Another was the “Mohrenkopf” from the chocolate maker Dubler sold by Migros in Zurich. Literally, Tête de maure, this appellation was the subject of a lively controversy and the distributor finally withdrew it. Manor has also withdrawn the same product produced by the chocolate maker Richterich (BL). In French, it’s been years that you no longer find Negro heads in stores, but choco heads.

Eric Felley


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