BH registers another day of bed occupation record for COVID-19

BH registers another day of bed occupation record for COVID-19

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Belo Horizonte has already registered 5,510 cases and 129 deaths from Covid-19. The bed occupancy rate is 87% for Covid ICUs and 88% for other ICUs

Belo Horizonte hit the record occupation of beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for COVID-19 for the fourth consecutive day. According to an epidemiological bulletin released by the Municipal Health Department on Monday (29), 87% of the ICUs, those dedicated to patients in serious condition of the disease, are in use.

The capital of Minas Gerais registered 5,510 Confirmed cases. Of these, 1,094 are being monitored – 129 people died because of the new coronavirus in the city.

On Friday, the date of the last bulletin, there were 121 deaths and 5,195 positive certificates.

According to this Monday’s bulletin, the capital of Minas Gerais has 301 Units Intensive Care Unit for COVID-19. This index places the capital in the so-called “red zone”. This occurs when the parameter exceeds the 70% mark.

On Friday (26), 86% of the beds for COVID-19 were busy. On Thursday and Wednesday, it was 85%.

Considering all intensive care beds in Belo Horizonte (in total, there are 990, including not only those dedicated to the pandemic), the occupation is 88%.


According to this Monday’s balance sheet, based on figures from the previous day, the occupancy rate for the nursing beds for COVID-19 is 71%. The total for patients with the disease is 798.

In the general context, that is, the hospital beds for all diseases, the occupancy rate registered in the fourth is 69%. There are 4,523 units.

PBH should increase number of beds

The city is checking with hospitals 100% SUS the possibility of the immediate opening of new ICU beds.

In June, 232 COVID beds were opened by the secretariat in the SUS / BH Network – 81 ICUs and 151 wards. In the last week alone, Belo Horizonte City Hall has put in operation since Thursday, the 25th, 74 new Covid beds – 19 ICUs and 55 wards.

“If the contamination rates are not reduced, all efforts to open new beds for patient care may not be sufficient for the volume of people who will need assistance,” he said, in a note.

The Municipal Health Department highlights that, to contain contamination by the new coronavirus, it is extremely necessary that the population follow preventive measures such as the use of masks, distance of 2 meters, social isolation and hand hygiene.


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