Brazil registers over 601 coronavirus victims; government is silent after the country over 50 thousand deaths

Brazil registers over 601 coronavirus victims; government is silent after the country over 50 thousand deaths

With the record of 601 deaths in the last 24 hours, Brazil ended this Sunday, 21, with 50,659 victims of the covid-19, according to the survey of the consortium of press vehicles formed by Estadão, G1, O Globo, Extra, Folha and UOL at the state health departments.

The number was well below the average of last week – which was around 1,200 deaths per day -, but this usually occurs on weekends and does not represent a setback in the epidemic in the country.

The survey also pointed to the record of 16,851 cases, reaching 1,086,990 in total. Brazil surpassed the 1 million infected mark on Friday and from 50 thousand dead on Saturday. The only other country in the world to have surpassed this mark was the United States. It is as if a population the size of Campos do Jordão had disappeared in just three months.

Despite the tragic marks reached in the last few days, President Jair Bolsonaro has not spoken at any time since Friday about the victims or the fight against the disease. This Sunday, he participated in the wake of a parachutist in Rio, but did not talk about it. Silence also on your social networks.

The interim Minister of Health, General Eduardo Pazzuello, also did not make any statement. The ministry chose, once again, to highlight the recovered in its communication. In a note on the website, it says that “the number of people cured of the coronavirus is already 13.2% higher than the active cases in Brazil” – 549,386, according to the folder, compared to 485,035 patients who are being followed up by doctors. No word on the deaths.

As the Estadão showed in reporting, being recovered from the disease does not exactly mean to be cured or without sequelae. Patients who were intubated face a complicated process of rehabilitation, but even some who had conditions considered less severe, and did not require hospitalization, or even mild, report that the disease may manifest itself for a longer time, with the symptoms returning in waves. Symptoms like fatigue are felt for weeks.

Not calling attention to the deaths also hides that the disease has killed more in three months than strokes killed in the same period last year or weapons over an entire year.

The Communication Secretariat also released these data on Saturday, in what it called the “life scoreboard”. In a post on twitter, Secom brings those infected in absolute numbers, but deaths adjusted per million inhabitants. For this reason, the country is in 17th in number of deaths, instead of the second place that it occupies in absolute values.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, the number of infected people was up to 17:30 was 1,085,038 and of deaths, 50,617.


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