breast massage “to free your chest”

breast massage

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I tested for you: breast massage “to free your chest”

“More than a phenomenon, it is a real revelation in the re-appropriation of one’s body and the benefits associated with it in terms of well-being and health.” By reading this introductory phrase to a video called “Take off your bra and massage your breasts!” , I oscillate between raising my eyes to the sky and clicking on the link. To be honest, I can’t visualize how putting my hands on my breasts will help me feel better about myself. It sounds rather painful.

My mind also fixes the expression, current, of “reappropriation of its body”. A whole program full of optimism which advocates the liberation of shackles. Necessary. But who can sometimes give a nice push: How to reclaim my body? How do I know if I have reclaimed my body? Why should my body be “reclaimed”? Who will win Top Chef? I’m wandering.

Still, the concept puzzles me.

Only here, who am I to judge a ritual emanating from a “real revelation” lived by its author, the female sexuality coach Emmanuelle Balbi, even before having tested it? So I put away my temporary bitterness (and not really justified), I launch the video, and I make myself a relaxing herbal tea.

“A daily massage”

Already, a good point: the clip is three minutes long. I interpret this as an indication that the expert is getting straight to the point, and above all that the manipulation of my chest does not require excessive knowledge of anatomy. A significant advantage for the dunce I am in Earth Science and Life. This did not prevent, by the way, my teachers from remaining extremely benevolent, or rather incredibly tenderized in the face of the unprecedented failure that I represented.

But I still wander.

Emmanuelle Balbi therefore begins her online course by a praise of “no bra”, this movement which encourages, very simply, to no longer wear a bra. For political but also physiological reasons, since, she explains, maintaining her breasts firmly with the help of fabric and compressive (and oppressive) frames would only harm their development. Movement that I joined during confinement.

“Scientific studies have shown that wearing a bra tends to obstruct the free flow of lymphatic fluid, which is located precisely at the level of the chest,” she said. “And that would have the consequence of promoting fibrosis, cysts, even Cancer“Another effect linked to the practice widely spread in the Western world: a distension of the supporting tissues and ligaments.

Emmanuelle Balbi hammers it: “The idea that a chest would need support to avoid the harmful effects of weightlessness is absolutely wrong. A chest free from all constraints can quite regain tone, holding and a harmonious curve. “

And to introduce the miracle solution: “It goes through a daily massage as recommended by Chinese Taoist doctors.” Here we are. The trick is (very) simple, just massage your breasts in a circular fashion, thirty-six times in one direction, thirty-six times in the other, and this, every morning. I have a week in front of me, I start.

“We smile at his cells”

First of all, to quote Jackie Quartz : just a point. All curves are harmonious, all forms of breasts are beautiful. Tonics or soft or medium, pear or apple or fennel. The purpose of this maneuver remains more to take care of yourself, and if possible to accept yourself as you are, than to end up trying to stick to standards that we want to break away from.

That said, make way for practice. It is nine o’clock in the morning on the first day of the experience. I sit cross-legged on the bed, shirtless, the palms of my hands on my chest, the coach’s words in my head while I make the famous circular movements: “It is important that this is a practice pleasure, you listen to your feelings and you smile at yourself. You adopt the inner smile of the Taoists, you smile at yourself, you smile at your cells, you smile at your body. It’s a real act of love one offers to oneself at that time “.

I chase the comparison with Nassim of Small handkerchiefs of my mind (“Your body will say thank you, it is a very nice gift that you give him”) and I focus on my task. I close my eyes for … I don’t really know why in reality but it helps me get rid of my distracting thoughts. And I “stimulate the nipple”, as Emmanuelle Balbi poetizes.

A moment of your own

If she advises not to really count laps, I do it anyway. Seven days in a row, but without vegetable daisy oil as recommended. This routine would stimulate the mammary glands but also all the hormonal glands in the body, and therefore improve cycle comfort.

Assessment: inevitably, in one week, I do not yet feel revelation from a physical point of view. I even have small aches (but I had to go a little too hard). What I do notice, however, are the benefits on my personal balance of these few daily minutes spent doing nothing but cuddling.

I’m not sure I have a more “liberated” chest, but I feel soothed. I start my day more calmly, rather than rushing to the first point of a list of things to do like arm.

In the end, the primary purpose of the video may not have been (yet) achieved in my case. But what is certain is that the experience has allowed me to give myself a little parenthesis essential to my well-being. And to comfort myself with the idea that the bra really has nothing more to do in my closet. And for that, I can only recommend watching it.

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