bubble expanded to 15 people, here’s everything that changes on July 1

bubble expanded to 15 people, here's everything that changes on July 1

Given the very encouraging figures for the coronavirus epidemic in our country, the deconfinement continues as planned but always with caution. A National Security Council (CNS) took place this morning, bringing together the different levels of power, which heard from the experts Monday and Tuesday. Here are the decisions he made and that Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès announced at 2 p.m.


– Contact screen enlarged to 15 people

5 people, is that right? “If these are 5 people you really like, that’s good. The reality is that in the closest bubbles, the risk is multiplied because we pay less attention. Why allow events to 200 while in the sphere private, it’s limited to 15? Because we pay less attention in groups of relatives “

– We can go with people from his contact bubble to the store

– Organization of events: capacity limit of 200 people inside and 400 people outside if safety rules are respected. We could go to 400 indoors and 800 outdoors in August. This does NOT concern wedding parties where we are limited to 50.

– Opening of cinemas, swimming pools, wellness centers, performance halls, amusement parks under conditions to be established with the competent and expert ministers.

– NO extension of the closing time of bars and restaurants. “We went around the issue with professionals in the field, the Ministry of the Interior and experts, we are not convinced that this is the best option”said the Prime Minister.

– No mass events like festivals and no opening of discos

– The parade of July 21 in another form and without celebration at the Royal Park. Tribute will be paid to the victims of covid-19 and to the front line professions

About the big gatherings banned last weekend:

The Prime Minister begins by speaking on the prohibited rallies this weekend. “Most young people probably consider themselves to be less vulnerable, this is a mistake. And that facilitates the spread of the virus. When you take a risk, it is for you but also for your loved ones and the general population”


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