Can there be a new Fillon trial?

Can there be a new Fillon trial?

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Eliane Houlette’s statements to the deputies last June 10, everyone retained what they wanted. Defenders of the current judicial system saw it as a criticism of the prosecution (too close to political power). The more or less enlightened conspiracies, proof of the political plot hatched to bring down François Fillon. And the most experienced in these complex court cases, proof that the current justice system does not make it possible to silence doubts as soon as the personalities in question have public responsibilities.

The lawyers of François Fillon, them, decided to retain only a few sentences in order to relaunch a trial which was however well finished. A few days before the deliberation – the judgment must be rendered on Monday June 29 at 1:30 p.m. – they ask for the reopening of the proceedings. François Fillon was tried for a long time last February before the Paris Criminal Court, notably for embezzlement of public funds (the allegedly fictitious use of his wife Penelope).
Fillon affair: “pressures” or small settlement of accounts between magistrates? “We have just seized today the 32nd chamber of the Paris Criminal Court of a request to reopen the proceedings so that recent events can be discussed between all parties”, the defense announced in a statement

“It seems to us that the questions raised by the hearing of the former prosecutor of the Financial Republic before a parliamentary commission of inquiry (…) shed new light on the dysfunctions that we denounced from the start of the procedure “, add the lawyers of François and Penelope Fillon as well as of Marc Joulaud, Mes Antonin Lévy, Pierre Cornut-Gentille and Jean Veil.

They retained his most accusing words: the “pressures” that Eliane Houlette would have suffered from her hierarchy, namely the public prosecutor’s office. The fact that the now retired magistrate later pointed out that the pressures had never been political, and that the charges against Fillon were decided by independent judges have been sidelined.

Is a new trial therefore possible?

“The court can indeed accede to this request, confirms a magistrate. Monday, the president of the room which judged François Fillon (Nathalie Gavarino, note) can decide to reconvene all the parts. There will then be a new adversarial debate, the floor will be given to everyone. ”

The substance of the file, examined in February, should not however be reopened. “The debates could be very formal,” added a magistrate. If this request is accepted, the judgment would therefore be taken under advisement again. If it is dismissed, the judgment will be rendered final – unless appealed.

Eliane Houlette’s remarks sparked such controversy over this already poisoned dossier, which the Head of State Emmanuel Macron asked the Superior Council of Magistrates (CSM) for an opinion. “Verify that the national financial prosecutor’s office has carried out its investigation in tall serenity ”, without pressure from the authorities.

For her part, the magistrate, through the voice of her lawyer, regretted that her words had been misinterpreted. ” Thethe pressures she mentioned did not relate to the facts alleged against Mr. Fillon or the merits of the proceedings against him “, she insisted.
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