can you kiss your loved ones without risk?

can you kiss your loved ones without risk?

The deconfinement is progressive but all the same, little by little, we find a semblance of our “life before”. Besides, as of Monday, it’s not four people we will be able to see but ten. Ten per week per person. But does this deconfinement have the right rhythm? Or by dint of deconfining too quickly, we risk having to face a second wave of the virus? One thing is certain: the experts are divided.

“From a screening point of view, it becomes much more difficult to follow”

Pierre Van Damme is an epidemiologist – Uantwerpen. He was one of the guests on the show “It’s not every Sunday “on RTL-TVI.” The figures for the last two days show that the virus is with us. (…) This virus continues to search for “naive” people (who have not yet encountered the virus on the immune level). When I hear this softening of the instructions at the level of the bubbles, I asked myself certain questions. On the one hand, we are not so that people can increasingly meet and have social contacts, on the other hand if we start to cuddle 10 different people if we are a family of 4, that makes 40 people per week. From a screening point of view, it becomes much more difficult to follow.“Pierre Van Damme calls for caution and insists on the concept of social distancing.

Not all on the same pedestal

Yves Van Laethem, infectious disease specialist, CHU Saint-Pierre and inter-federal spokesperson Coronavirus returned to the enlargement of the bubble to 10 people and to the specific instructions to be observed: “We can share a meal with them, be close (…) I’m not sure we can really cuddle people. We can be closer to people. I won’t be close to anyone from the 10, if I don’t know how she lived her life the last few weeks. In certain circumstances, especially if we are at risk, we take precautions like distance. This is fundamental, even in the group of 10.

David Clarinval, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of science policy, concludes: “Today, all the numbers are green. All the virologists tell us that the epidemic is almost over and that we can have more social contacts. We allow closer contacts in this bubble of 10. It doesn’t mean you always have to cuddle these ten. On the other hand, you can not respect this social distance in this bubble of 10. “