Cantons hesitate to make wearing a mask compulsory

Cantons hesitate to make wearing a mask compulsory

Health Minister Alain Berset met with his cantonal counterparts on Monday to discuss measures against a second wave of coronavirus. No obligation to wear a mask has yet been developed.

The cantons have a hand in preventing an outbreak of Covid-19 cases, but they are not yet ready to make the wearing of masks compulsory on public transport. Health Minister Alain Berset met his cantonal counterparts on Monday.

The aim of the meeting, which had been planned for a long time, was to prepare the situation before the holidays, the Federal Councilor explained to the press. The extraordinary situation having ended on June 19, the cantons have the responsibility to fight against a resurgence of cases of Covid-19. They have an arsenal of measures to counter a negative development.

The cantons have the possibility in the event of a negative development to close establishments, to reduce the number of people who have the right to assemble. They can also take steps to force the mask to be worn on public transport.

The meeting with the federal councilor also focused on wearing a mask, noted Lukas Engelberger, president of the Conference of Cantonal Health Directors. If the situation were to deteriorate, such measures could in any case be taken on a regional basis and in discussion with the public transport companies.

Coordination at national level could also be decided. But no obligation has yet been developed.

Application to download

The number of cases is increasing, recognized Alain Berset. But there is no reason to panic at this point. The increase in the number of tests also explains the increase in the number of cases, even if there is a relaxation in certain situations.

Protection plans and contact tracing play a vital role. The Federal Councilor also believes in the effectiveness of the SwissCovid application. Ten percent of the population downloaded it. These downloads should continue, he said.

Regarding border restrictions, work is underway in coordination with neighboring countries, added Alain Berset.


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