Chinese and Japanese Gardens in pictures

Chinese and Japanese Gardens in pictures

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Singapore, Gardens and lake at sunset. Photo credits: zoompict (Flickr)

When you visit a huge city like Singapore, you think more of the buildings and the many buildings that you can find there. We will have less the reflex to consider green spaces, when it is absolutely essential and that we must visit if we are there: the Chinese and Japanese Gardens!

The megalopolis of Singapore has a place away from noise and civilization, in which you can enjoy a moment of serenity. The Chinese and Japanese Gardens are ideal for opening up to nature and recharging your batteries. A change of scenery is guaranteed, with the various pavilions and pagodas that are found on the shores of its lake. The opportunity to soak up the atmosphere of the Far East, with elements copied from the superb Summer Palace in Beijing. You will discover many plant species in a place where buildings hardly exist anymore ,, which is a rarity in Singapore! You can, among other things, discover several species of bonsai in the aptly named “Garden of bonsai”, where the architecture blends perfectly with the plants present, which luckily are not deadly.

A 65-meter bridge leads to the Japanese Garden, which is set up on small hills and marked by stone lanterns. Small red wooden bridges will allow you to stroll while daydreaming in this place. In short, a change of scenery and serenity guaranteed …

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