Consumption launches a website in the face of the “avalanche of claims” for the coronavirus

Consumption launches a website in the face of the

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The Ministry of Consumption has launched a website to assist consumers and users affected during the state of alarm for him coronavirus who need information about their rights, once the administrative procedures have been reactivated.

The portal informs on how to file claims in purchase-sale processes and contracting of goods and services. Through a system of questions based on hundreds of assumptions, the user will be able to obtain information on the rights that assist them, as well as to know how and to which instances to present their claims in each case.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs considers that this tool “It will be a key piece in the face of the foreseeable avalanche of doubts and claims” and, in coordination with autonomous communities and state institutions with powers to process claims, the aim is to provide information on procedures to resolve conflicts between consumers and companies.

The Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, held a meeting with the communities to analyze the de-escalation in which it was agreed to intensify coordination to respond to millions of potential claims derived from the health crisis.

A website to claim for the covid-19

The Web It is proposed as a tool “intuitive, easy and accessible to all citizens, with or without technical knowledge or legislation,” as reported by the Ministry. It can be accessed through any digital device with a web browser.

The consultation portal is based on international usability standards and in the Spanish web accessibility regulations. The publication of this portal by Consumption coincides with the start of the term so that consumers and users can carry out actions subject to a certain time, such as, for example, the exercise of the right of withdrawal in ‘online’ purchases.

For those purchases or acquisitions made prior to the alarm state, The term to exercise the rights that may assist them is also reactivated from today, with the days remaining on March 14 for the corresponding deadlines to end.

Starting today, June 4, the 14 calendar days provided for in article 36 of Royal Decree-Law 11/2020 for the resolution of contracts also begin to count. This rule states that if, as a consequence of the alarm state, it has not been possible to execute contracts for the sale of goods or the provision of services, consumers and users have the right to terminate the contract within 14 calendar days. This term affects those contracts not executed since the declaration of the state of alarm and to date.

The objective of the web portal is provide information to consumers about their rights and the deadlines set to exercise them. Another objective is to decongest the load of requests for telephone information to the Central Administration and to the respective consumer authorities of the Autonomous Communities.


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