Corona virus alarm in the Balkans! When the cases fly …

Corona virus alarm in the Balkans! When the cases fly ...

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Corona virus alarm in the Balkans! When the cases fly …

According to the latest breaking news; With the increase in the number of new types of corona viruses (covid-19) daily in the Balkans, the measures removed in some countries were brought back. Today, 242 new cases were detected in Serbia, 4 people died. The total number of cases in the country increased to 14,288, and loss of life to 274. In Serbia, where the number of active cases was 1433, it was announced that 39 people were connected to the respirator.

After the daily cases continued to increase, the crisis desk took some new measures. In the capital city of Belgrade, it is obligatory to wear a mask in all closed areas, while the state of emergency was declared in the city of Vranje.

Student Clinic Director Marija Obradovic announced that 210 university students staying in the dormitories were infected with Kovid-19, and 50 more students were expected to test results.

Meanwhile, Muamer Zukorlic, Chairman of the Justice and Peace Party (SPP), said the Kovid-19 test result was positive, “I have been treated for several days. I have been feeling better since yesterday.” said.

Pointing out to the situation in the Sancak region, where the Bosniak population is densely populated, especially Novi Pazar and Tutin, Zukorlic called for support for the heroic struggle of the healthcare professionals in the region working under heavy conditions to save human life.

New measures taken in Slovenia

While 4 new cases were detected in Slovenia today, the total number of cases increased to 1585. 111 people have died in the country so far.

Government spokesperson Jelko Kacin said in a statement that they have brought back some measures due to the increase in the number of new cases, and the number of people attending outdoor activities has been reduced from 500 to 50.

While 34 new cases have been identified in Croatia in the last 24 hours, the total number of cases has been announced as 2,725 and loss of life as 107. It was stated that there are 463 active cases in the country, 65 of them are in hospital treatment.

While 17 new cases were detected in Montenegro, it was announced that the test result of a teacher working in the nursery in Tivat city was positive. It was recorded that the kindergarten was closed and that everyone who was in contact with the teacher would be tested.

Aid will be collected for Sancak in mosques of Bosnia and Herzegovina

While 128 new cases were detected in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last 24 hours, 1 person died.

Husein Kavazovic, President of the Islamic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that the outbreak has not passed yet and all measures must be followed to prevent its spread, calling on the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to help the Sanjak region, where the Muslim population in Serbia is dense.

Kavazovic announced that, as the Islamic Union, they will also help the people of Sanjak, and this week, the aid will be collected for Sancak throughout the country and in all mosques in the Bosnian diaspora.


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