Coronavirus, over 10 million cases worldwide and almost 500 thousand deaths

Coronavirus, over 10 million cases worldwide and almost 500 thousand deaths

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Coronavirus, over 10 million cases worldwide and almost 500 thousand deaths

Coronavirus cases worldwide have passed the 10 million mark. This is what emerges from the data of Johns Hopkins University, according to which the death toll is now close to 500 thousand. Statistics from the American university indicate that there are 10,001,527 infections worldwide and 499,024 deaths. Instead, the people healed are 5,062,145.

Australia, new outbreaks in Melbourne – New anti-coronavirus lockdown measures could be imposed in Melbourne after 49 cases of Covid-19 were identified on Saturday, the highest number since April. Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has announced that he is considering whether to ask citizens to stay home in the next few days. In the rest of Australia the virus has almost completely disappeared. In the west of the country there was only one new case, in New South Wales three and they were all people who had returned from abroad. Zero infections in Queensland and the south. In Victoria there are 2,028 cases at the moment.

Outbreak born from the exchange of a lighter? And one of the new coronavirus outbreaks in Melbourne, as reported by the premier, may have been caused by the exchange of a lighter among hotel employees. “They kept their distance but passed the lighter,” said Daniel Andrews at the press conference, adding that the same employees always drove together “thus being much closer to each other than is desirable.”

The cases in Latin America – Meanwhile, no encouraging news from Latin America of a contraction of the pandemic: in the last 24 hours, in fact, the infections have increased to 2,421,046 (+63,092) and the deaths are now 110,457 (+2,506). Brazil still leads today’s increase both in cases of +38.693, which brings the total to 1.313.667 infected, and in victims (+2.506, 110.457). The South American giant is followed by Peru and Chile.

Colombia overtakes China – Colombia recorded 4,149 new cases on Saturday: this is the third daily record in a week with a balance that brings the total number of infections to 88,591. The South American country thus exceeds China in number of cases. At the same time, CNN reports, Covid-19 deaths increased to 2,939 in Colombia (+128 compared to Friday).

The numbers of the CIna – China has registered 17 other cases in the last 24 hours, of which three “imported” and 14 of internal origin in Beijing: the National Health Commission announced. According to the NHC, China reports a total of 83,500 infections and 4,634 deaths to date.


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