Daniel Koch put under police protection

Daniel Koch put under police protection

Since February, the Confederation’s Mister Coronavirus has been watched by Fedpol, so that nothing can happen to it.

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Daniel Koch put under police protection

This is the site Nau.ch who reveals it today: Daniel Koch has been under police protection since February, that is to say at the beginning of the pandemic in Switzerland. Information that Mr. Coronavirus also confirms on the site, while explaining “I don’t know why exactly. I do not know the specific reasons for this Fedpol measure ”(federal police).

To which Fedpol spokesperson Katrin Schmitter replied that “During the coronavirus crisis, the security situation of the Federal Office of Public Health and its representatives was extraordinary. All the more so in the case of the very exposed Daniel Koch ”. The man was indeed on the front line to announce the measures decided by the Federal Council, whether popular or not.

No direct threat

However, Daniel Koch reveals that he received no threats during the crisis, either directly, by mail or by telephone. Admittedly, he was insulted via various channels, notably on social networks, but he explains that he was able to manage this very well, adding that he also received a lot of letters of thanks, which made him very happy. .

Nau.ch explains that Daniel Koch was not accompanied day and night by a bodyguard. The police just contacted him at regular intervals (a few hours) to make sure everything was fine. If this protection would have obviously been extended after the retirement of Mr. Coronavirus on May 28, Daniel Koch himself does not really know if it is still the case today.

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