Daring step for Alia Shawkat

Daring step for Alia Shawkat

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Brad Pitt

Hollywood’s most sought-after bachelor Brad Pitt has decided to “get rid of any concerns” and let Alia Shawkat move in with him.

Brad Pitt, 56, has been in effect since the separation from Angelina Jolie, 45, as a single in the fall of 2016 and is definitely one of Hollywood’s most sought-after bachelors.

Brad Pitt: what’s going on with Alia Shawkat?

A Techtelmechtel with Charlize Theron, 44, a liaison with a professor Neri Oxman, 44, – The screen star was said to have many affairs, but for the past few months only one woman has been a permanent topic: actress and artist Alia Shawkat, 31

Common quarantine during corona pandemic

So far it has always been said that the two are only good friends who would understand each other blindly. It was also known that Alia used to cycle or walk to Brad’s Los Angeles property, a district of Los Angeles, every minute of the day to keep him company during the corona pandemic. Everything is purely platonic! Or not? Has Brad Pitt finally taken heart and is fully committed to Alia?

Is Brad Pitt finally open to a new love?

“Brad is at a point in his life where his only concern is to be happy. So he decided to drop all concerns and let Alia move in with him,” an insider chatted to Life in America & StyleMagazine. Apparently he made the right decision:

“Waking up next to her every morning gives him a feeling of happiness that he hasn’t felt in a long time,” the insider continued.

When does he make the relationship official?

If it is after Brad Pitts Inner Cicle leaves, should the actor celebrate his new happiness openly. “His friends advise him to make the relationship official, but it seems as if that happens all by himself, which he prefers anyway.” After the bitter separation from Angelina Jolie, the Hollywood star prefers to take it easy, of course without hurting Alias ​​feelings. “At least he expected what he had with her, but after the long, painful time, he finally seems to have arrived.”

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