does the city of Algonquin Bay really exist?

does the city of Algonquin Bay really exist?

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Cardinal (Canal +): does the city of Algonquin Bay really exist?

Monday, June 8, Canal + continues to broadcast Cardinal, which has been running from the start in the city of Algonquin Bay, Canada. But is this pretty hometown real?

Prepare gloves, scarf and hat, heading to Algonquin Bay, in the depths of Ontario for the fourth new season of Cardinal which Canal + broadcasts two new episodes, Monday June 8. For their fourth investigation together, John Cardinal (Billy Campbell, perfect) and Lise Delorme (Karine Vanasse, just as fair) find the Canadian cold, as beautiful as it is dangerous. A white trap that has closed on the unfortunate victims of a mysterious killer. A case that is cold in the back and which, as always, is suitable from a novel by Gil Blunt.

Filming in Ontario

After the beautiful colors of spring in the second season of Cardinal, then those of autumn in the third, winter, discovered in the first season of the series, is back, its white coat has covered houses, forests and large lakes and snowmobiles are not only out but especially rigor! Characters in their own right, the breathtaking landscapes are all the more appreciable because the various directors have not hesitated to use drones to film aerial shots. And we thank them.

On the other hand, if the plot takes place in Algonquin Bay in Ontario, this small town of calm appearance does not exist. The series is actually filmed in North Bay, also in Ontario. All the actors, Billy Campbell and Karine Vanasse at the head, as well as the film crews spent a little more than two months there, from February 4 to April 12, to box the six episodes of this new season. As for the drones, they flew over the cities of Sudbury and North Bay.

An impeccable casting

Billy Campbell, unforgettable Rick Sammler from the series Once and Again, second chance, has been awarded twice (in 2018 and 2019) with the Canadian Choice Award, the equivalent of the American Emmy Awards, for his interpretation of John Cardinal, this honest and tortured cop. His partner, Karine Vanasse, also received, in 2018, an award for the role of zealous Lise Delorme. The two nominees for the 2020 edition, Billy Campbell and Karine Vanasse will never know the verdict: the ceremony was canceled due to the coronavirus. If this fourth season of Cardinal is announced as the latest, two novels by Gil Blunt, also executive producer of the series, have yet to be screened. Hopefully they will be someday!

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