Doria did not propose that the vaccine be tested in the elderly

Doria did not propose that the vaccine be tested in the elderly

Since last weekend, information has circulated on social networks that the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), said that the CoronaVac vaccine would be tested in the elderly. In addition, the viral text says that volunteers will receive an amount to participate in the clinical trial.

“Elderly people will be guinea pigs. According to Dória, they propose that retirees can be guinea pigs, for a Chinese vaccine against COVID 19 ”, highlights the post caption.

The information is false. João Doria did not propose that the vaccine – developed by Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac – be tested in elderly Brazilians. It is not possible to find this phrase in the press conference given by the governor and also in reports about the clinical trial.

The press office clarifies that information circulating on the networks is false: “Governor João Doria never said the phrase” and also advises the government podcast on the subject, in which he gives more details.

See the press conference:

The Butantan Institute is a partner of the Chinese company and has not released information on the recruitment of volunteers. Therefore, the selection criteria are being discussed with Sinovac and will still be submitted to the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa). Therefore, it is still early and inconclusive to say that the vaccine will be tested in the elderly.

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