Ederson tackles Puel, who only wanted “players who can run”

Ederson tackles Puel, who only wanted

Invited in an interview for L’Equipe to give the name of the coach who most disappointed him, former Brazilian midfielder Ederson, who went through Nice and OL, quoted Claude Puel. A coach who, according to him, “never accepted” his style of play.

Ederson in 2011

Passed by OL between 2008 and 2012, the former Brazilian midfielder Ederson knew two coaches in the Rhône: Claude Puel and Rémi Garde. And by his own admission, the current did not pass frankly well with one of the two. In an interview with The team, the one who retired at the start of the year cited Puel as the coach who “most disappointed” him during his professional career, which began in 2003.

“He never accepted my specificity”

“We really didn’t have the same vision of football. He only wanted players who can run, tackle and defend. I tried but it was not my thing. He never accepted my specificity . The strength of a coach is to adapt to the style of his players, right? “, He said.

Titular during his first season with the Gones, also the first of Puel at OL, Ederson had his playing time seriously reduced the following year. Then plunged by several physical glitches, he had regained confidence during the 2011-2012 season with the arrival of Garde on the bench. Before taking the direction of Lazio, free from any contract.

“My agent had already made good progress with Lazio Rome and I just had to sign. But Rémi Garde explained to me his way of seeing things and told me that he was counting on me. I was shared because I felt that we were finally going to be able to have fun in Lyon but, on the other hand, we already had almost everything tied up with Lazio. I almost canceled everything, but I backed off. my word “, detailed the former Niçois. Returned to Brazil in 2015, on the Flamengo side, he won testicular cancer in 2018 and hoped to return to the field after this battle. But knee pain and a divorce to manage finally convinced him to hang up the crampons.


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